What’s the waistcoat

? For many female friends who love beauty, they want to have a slim figure and a flat abdomen, which is very beautiful both from the appearance and from the perspective of clothing. In addition, many girls think that it is not enough to have a small waist and a flat abdomen. The highest level they pursue is the vest line, because the vest line is the best and the highest level. So what is a vest line?

what is a vest? In fact, vest line refers to the fact that there is no trace of fat, and there are good-looking muscle lines. In addition, because the muscle lines on both sides of the navel look like a vest, it is called vest line. Let’s give you a detailed introduction. What is

vest line?

vest line is the highest level of flat abdomen. There is no fat abdomen, but also muscle lines, on both sides of the navel two vertical muscle lines, looks like a vest, so it is called vest line.

waistcoat line is actually the two muscle lines on both sides of the girl’s navel. It is concave like wearing a waistcoat, so it is called “waistcoat line”. Now many actresses and talents are practicing vest line, which has formed a new trend of belly beauty. In the past, many women were afraid of muscle growth, but now the trend has changed. It’s not enough to have a small waist. “Waistcoat line” is the symbol of beauty and sexuality. So how to practice the vest line? Four simple moves can make you practice the sexy vest line!

first move:

abdominal breathing method: abdominal breathing method is to let the belly bulge when breathing in, and let the belly shrink when breathing out. For practicing yoga or vocal mm, this is the most basic training. The advantage of abdominal breathing method is that it helps to stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis and promote the discharge of wastes in the body, so as to smooth the air flow. When we walk or stand at ordinary times, as long as we shrink the lower abdomen and cooperate with abdominal breathing, we can make the lower abdomen muscles become tight and achieve your goal of thin abdomen. Maybe I’m not used to it at the beginning, so I must insist on it.

second move:

toe touching method: first lie flat. Bend your thighs at a 90 degree right angle, while your legs are parallel to the ground. The hands are naturally placed on both sides of the body, palms down. At this time, the upper body should be tight, and the back should be close to the floor. Then lower the left leg in two steps, starting only from the hips, with the toes running down to the ground and the toes not really touching the ground. Then exhale, return the leg to the starting position in two steps, and then change the right leg to do the same action. Do this alternately with your legs, twelve times for each leg.

the third move:

alternate supine method: this alternate supine method mainly exercises the lateral abdominal muscles. First of all, put both hands behind the neck, let the legs bend, and then push out alternately with one leg. Pay attention to the distance between the legs and the ground, but not too high. Don’t touch the ground, and then the other side. The elbow on one side and the knee joint on the other side should be close to each other as much as possible. Meanwhile, the lateral abdominal muscles should be used to control the movement. Each leg should be pushed at least 15 times in three groups.

fourth move:

leg bending abdominal method: and this leg bending abdominal method is to exercise the lower abdominal muscles. First of all, keep the upper body still, put both hands on both sides of the body, and let the hind legs retract. When the legs are down, the legs are straight, and the feet do not touch the ground. At the same time, control with the abdomen. Do 15 for each group, repeat for three groups, and you can rest for 30 to 40 seconds in the middle.

after reading the introduction of what the vest line is, I believe many female friends who love beauty have been moved. In fact, if you want to have a perfect vest line, you can exercise through certain exercise methods. Therefore, you may as well follow the exercise methods introduced above. As long as you persevere, you can have a flat belly and a good-looking vest line.

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