What’s the way to get rid of alcohol?

sometimes when our friends get together, they always need to drink. Once they are in the mood for drinking, they are easy to get drunk. After getting drunk, they not only hurt their health, but also regret it very much. They are very uncomfortable. The next day they are in a daze. If you are drunk, how can you wake up quickly and make yourself comfortable quickly? In addition to removing alcohol from the body, you can make the body recover quickly. So, what’s the antidote? Here is Xiaobian’s own experience. You can have a look at it.

method / step

& gt; 01


if you feel nauseous or uncomfortable, spit it out as much as you can.

the most direct way and the fastest way is to pour out all the alcohol that has not been absorbed, and try to vomit. It’s very simple. Plug your fingers in your throat, and it’ll be done in a few times. Although it’s very painful, it’s more painful to stay in your stomach. It’s better to have a long pain than a short one. I usually vomit it out in the bathroom, and then wash my face, Clean your mouth.

> 02

eat some fruits, such as bananas, when you have empty stomach.

and then come back, eat some fruit, a little to fill the stomach, not so uncomfortable as fasting, in general, I prefer to eat two bananas, and bananas are also very effective for sobering up.

> Then, have some juice.

if you have the conditions, you can drink some juice properly to neutralize alcohol. Every time, my wife would squeeze some tomato juice for me. After eating, I didn’t feel so hot.

> 04

if you like to drink milk, you can drink some milk to alleviate the absorption of alcohol.

of course, it doesn’t have to be mixed with juice. Juice is troublesome. Sometimes, there will be milk at home. I will drink a glass of milk slowly, which is very effective for sobering up.

drinking is very harmful to the body. We must pay more attention to it. If it’s not a very important social activity, we can avoid drinking as much as possible. If you must drink, you can eat more food before drinking to prevent the stimulation of alcohol to the stomach. Xiao Bian should remind everyone that drinking is harmful to your health and you must not drive after drinking.

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