When choosing drinks, you must know the health points

summer is coming, and the hot temperature makes people want to have a bottle of drinks to quench their thirst from time to time. What kind of drinks will be the healthy choice in summer? In addition, we should pay attention to some points when drinking. For example, purified water should not be drunk frequently; Gargle your mouth in time when you drink fruit juice.

purified water should not be drunk frequently. The main function of bottled water beverage is to supplement human body water. Among them, mineral water can provide a certain amount of trace elements, and purified water is not suitable for regular drinking due to the lack of essential minerals, trace elements and probiotics.

44555 carbonated beverage

is mainly composed of carbonated acid, citric acid and other acidic substances, sugar, spices, and some also contain caffeine and artificial colors. Carbonated drinks contain almost no other nutrients except sugar, which can supplement energy for human body. Carbon dioxide in carbonated drinks can stimulate the stomach. If you drink in large quantities, the released carbon dioxide is easy to cause abdominal distension, affect appetite, and even cause gastrointestinal dysfunction.

high acidity of carbonated beverage is one of the important reasons for dental corrosion of teenagers. Carbonated drinks can also affect the absorption of calcium. Childhood and adolescence are important periods of bone development. Excessive drinking should be avoided.

44555 tea beverage

is a kind of beverage mainly made of tea extract, tea powder and concentrated liquid. It has the unique flavor of tea, contains natural tea polyphenols, caffeine and other effective components, and has nutrition and health care effects. It is a cool and thirst relieving multi-functional beverage.

you should gargle in time when you drink juice drink

juice drink

is a juice product made from fruit by physical method. Different fruit juice contains different vitamins and other nutrients, so it is regarded as a healthy drink. The disadvantage is the lack of cellulose and high sugar in all fruits. In fact, in addition to carbonated drinks, people often drink fruit juice on enamel damage. Therefore, when drinking drinks, we should try to reduce the contact time between drinks and teeth, and gargle in time after drinking drinks.

44555 milk beverage

lactobacillus beverage has health function. It can inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in the intestinal tract, regulate the intestinal microecological balance, enhance the immune ability of the human body, and degrade certain milk protein, making it easy to be absorbed by the human body, In the process of Lactobacillus metabolism, some vitamins were synthesized and about 30% lactose was degraded to eliminate lactose intolerance. Some milk drinks contain an appropriate amount of inorganic calcium, so they have a certain calcium supplement effect.

compared with the ordinary beverage, the protein content of milk beverage is rich. Of course, compared with pure milk and yoghurt, the protein content of milk drinks is still relatively low, which can not replace milk.

44555 functional drinks

there are mainly two kinds of functional drinks: one is complementary, the other is functional. The function of supplementary functional drink is to supplement the nutrition lost during exercise. Functional drinks are mainly aimed at a specific effect, such as refreshing, refreshing and so on.

consumers should choose functional drinks according to their actual needs, and pay attention to check the product description to see which specific groups it is suitable for. For example, some functional drinks contain sodium, which will increase the body’s burden, increase heart load and blood pressure. People with high blood pressure and heart disease should avoid drinking it. In addition, functional drinks are easy to affect appetite and food digestion and absorption, and some also contain caffeine and other components that stimulate the central nervous system. Therefore, children and the elderly should be cautious in using functional drinks, even if ordinary people drink functional drinks for a long time, it is not good for their health.

44555 it’s best to drink 100% pure juice

many people have the habit of drinking tea before meals when they go out. In fact, drinking tea on an empty stomach can dilute gastric juice and reduce digestive function, so don’t drink a lot of tea before meals. Don’t drink strong tea during and after meals, because tea contains a lot of tannin, which can react with iron in food, causing iron absorption disorder. But if you eat a lot of greasy food, light tea water can get the effect of relieving greasy.

when dining out, pure juice, vegetable juice and fresh soybean milk are good choices. This is because fruit juice is rich in vitamins, minerals, a certain amount of bioactive substances and dietary fiber, which can make up for the lack of nutrition intake when drinking, but it is best to drink 100% pure fruit juice, such as homemade fruit juice, corn juice, pumpkin juice, etc. Soybean milk contains a variety of nutrients, and a small amount of soluble dietary fiber, can help diet and promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, prevent constipation, sugar free or low sugar soybean milk is better.

if you have to drink, you can drink a cup of yogurt first to buffer your stomach. Yogurt contains a lot of probiotics, which can help digestion, and is rich in calcium, so it is suitable for children and women to drink. It should be noted that if the food is rich in fiber or oxalic acid, try not to drink milk and dairy products.

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