When do I need tonic? Teach you how to eat tonic

When do I need tonic? Teach you how to eat tonic

teach you how to eat tonic

how to eat tonic? A lot of people can’t say & lt; The prime of the day & quot; Come on. The traditional theory of food supplement is to adjust measures to the situation; treatment chosen according to the variability of an individual; Adjust measures according to disease conditions; Adjust measures according to the nature.

adjust measures to individual conditions

adjust measures to individual conditions, that is, people with different physical qualities should have different dietary supplements. Ancient saying: & lt; Five grains are for nourishment, five fruits are for help, five livestock are for benefit, five vegetables are for filling& rdquo; For most people, as long as they take grain, vegetables, meat and livestock, fish and shrimp, fruits and so on at the same time, cooperate with each other, not partial to food, and follow the principle of adjusting measures to the circumstances, they can play a role in nourishing essence and Qi. The middle-aged and old people show various kinds of deficiency in varying degrees, so nourishing should be used. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, body deficiency can be divided into 4 categories and 12 kinds, such as Yin and Yang, Qi and blood, five viscera deficiency. Yang deficiency includes heart yang deficiency, spleen yang deficiency and kidney yang deficiency; Yin deficiency includes heart Yin deficiency, spleen yin deficiency, kidney yin deficiency, lung yin deficiency and liver yin deficiency; Qi deficiency includes heart qi deficiency, lung qi deficiency and spleen qi deficiency; Blood deficiency includes heart blood deficiency and liver blood deficiency. In general, people with Yang deficiency should eat mutton, sheep kidney, pig waist, cattle bone marrow, dog meat, venison, walnut, chestnut, leek, cowpea, etc. Yin deficiency should eat sea cucumber, milk, pig kidney, honey, tremella, sesame, black beans, etc. Those with Qi deficiency should eat Morchella, chicken, quail, pigeon, crucian carp, eel, loach, bird’s nest, jujube, longan meat, maltose, etc. Those with blood deficiency should eat hen, pig liver, mutton, pig heart, jujube, longan, litchi, carrot, spinach, etc. If you don’t know what kind of constitution you belong to, it’s better to consult a doctor before choosing food.

adjust measures to the situation

“Huangdi Neijing” says: & lt; Man and heaven and earth are related& rdquo; According to the climate characteristics of spring temperature, summer heat, autumn cool and winter cold seasons and their impact on the human body, appropriate food is selected& ldquo; Spring, summer, autumn and winter& ldquo; Yang in spring and summer, Yin in autumn and winter;.

“ Spring nourishes Yang;. is born in spring and grows in summer, and the growth belongs to Yang. Therefore, we should eat more food that can warm and replenish Yang Qi in spring and summer. Li Shizhen quoted the proposition in the argument of local customs in compendium of Materia Medica; It’s a mixture of onion, garlic, leek, Polygonum, Artemisia and mustard;. Su Song of Song Dynasty also advocated: & lt; In the past, people went on a diet of five spices in the first month to avoid pestilence and adjust leeks, scallions, mushrooms, garlic and ginger& rdquo; These pungent and warm foods can warm the Yang Qi of human body, resist wind and cold, and maintain the Qi of human body. Especially in early spring, when it’s warm and cold again, cold and hot again, cold and warm alternate, yin and cold gradually fade away, and masculinity begins to grow. At this time, we should eat less or no cold food to prevent Yang from growing. And because the liver governs the spring, the spring should nourish the liver& ldquo; Acid enters the liver(《 The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of internal medicine) is suitable for spring diet; Save acid and increase sweetness(《 A thousand gold prescriptions. Eat more acidic food will make liver fire hyperactivity, damage the spleen and stomach. We should eat more foods with sweet and smooth taste, rich in protein, sugar, vitamins and minerals, such as lean meat, eggs, milk, honey, bean products, fresh vegetables, fruits, etc.

“ Xia Yangyang;. is hot and humid in summer. Summer is the time for heart fire; The mind is connected with summer Qi(《 Huangdi Neijing) and Qianjin Yaofang said: & lt; On the 72nd day of the summer, he saved pains and increased pains to nourish lung qi& rdquo; Because & lt; Bitterness comes to the heart;, Bitter things can help heart qi and lung qi, so eating more spicy food can avoid heart qi hyperactivity and help to replenish lung qi《 “On health preservation” also says: & lt; The summer air is hot, so it’s better to eat Shu, but not hot& rdquo; Therefore, the summer must eat less mutton, dog meat and other hot food. Eat more heat and dampness, light less oil, easy to digest food. Such as: mung bean, wax gourd, pumpkin, lotus root, lotus seed, Coix, yam, watermelon, peach, strawberry, tomato, cucumber, etc. It is better in summer; Clear and replenish & quot;. Duck is a good tonic in summer. It is cold in nature. Traditional Chinese medicine advocates it; Hot is cold;, People who have heat in their bodies are suitable for eating duck meat.

“ Autumn nourishes Yin;. autumn is golden, and it is connected with lung qi, so the autumn diet conforms to the characteristics of lung qi clearance decline, and eat more products of nourishing yin and blood, clearing dryness and moistening lung, such as sesame, tremella, lotus root, black bone chicken, pig lung, duck egg, honey, soybean milk, walnut porridge, peanut porridge, etc. In order to prevent autumn dryness injury Yin. Autumn Qi is the main force to fight and restrain; Less pungent and more acidic;, Because lung qi is better than autumn, eating less pungent is to prevent lung qi from being too strong and damage liver function. Sour food is good for lung qi collection, and pungent food is good for lung qi. In autumn, it is better to eat less pungent food such as onion, ginger, garlic, leek and pepper, and eat more sour vegetables and fruits such as spinach, olive, radish, pomegranate, apple, pear, loquat, grape, mango, grapefruit, lemon and hawthorn to promote lung qi.

“ Nourishing Yin in winter;. in winter, the Yin Qi is very abundant, the physiological function of all things is low, and the Yang Qi and essence Qi are stored inside《 The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine; In March of winter, this is the way to close the reservoir, to cope with the winter gas, and to nourish the reservoir& rdquo;& ldquo; If you don’t store essence in winter, you must be warm in spring; It’s not the same. In winter, it is necessary to keep kidney qi and make kidney essence sufficient. In winter, human body nourishes Yin and submerges Yang, human body’s physiological activity converges, and stores energy and nutrition in the body, which is the next year’s & lt; Spring grows and summer grows; Make reserves. Three meals a day should choose the food to keep Yin and Yang. When the temperature is low, the heat consumption of human body increases obviously, so the supplement should increase the heat in winter. According to the requirements of keeping yin and Yang and increasing heat, beef, mutton, dog, goose, duck, sea cucumber, fish, turtle, shrimp, milk, egg, lotus root, Auricularia auricula, tremella, walnut, chestnut and sweet potato should be selected.

according to sexual conditions

people put two or more kinds of food & lt; Compatibility & quot; After treatment, due to the interaction between the nature, taste and chemical composition of food, it may have different effects on the human body. It is better to be beneficial than harmful. After food collocation, through mutual influence, six relationships will be formed: for example, using japonica rice and sweet potato to cook porridge together to strengthen the spleen and stomach is called & lt; Xiangxu & quot;; Pig blood nourishes blood and replenishes blood, mainly with it; Leeks can warm the stomach and promote qi. When they are cooked together, they can nourish without stagnation and enhance their blood enriching effect; Prime Minister & quot;; After eating beef, mutton and dog meat, mung bean, fresh radish and watermelon will greatly weaken the warming and tonifying function of the former; Hate each other & quot;; When eating barbecue, add radish. Some enzymes in radish can not only decompose starch and fat in barbecue, but also decompose nitrosamine, which has strong carcinogenic effect; Fear each other & quot; The relationship between radish and barbecue is & lt; Kill each other; Relationship; Celery with soft shelled turtle, honey with crab, duck with chestnut, etc. can cause harm to human body after eating, and crab and honey can produce toxicity; On the contrary《 Buckwheat & lt; If you eat the same pork, you will be killed with the same alum;. It should be noted that

(1) should not be used with pig liver and other foods rich in copper and iron. Because vitamin C is easily decomposed by nitriding when it meets with copper and iron ions, the nutritional value of both is reduced.

(2) do not cook with cucumber, pumpkin, carrot or eat at the same time, because these three kinds of food are rich in enzymes that can decompose and destroy vitamin C, which will reduce the nutritional value of vitamin C.

(3) kiwi fruit, orange, orange, apricot, loquat, etc. should not be eaten together with milk with high protein content. Because protein with vitamin C is easy to coagulate into a block, affect its digestion and absorption, and even induce abdominal distension, abdominal disease and other digestive system diseases.

(4) do not cook with shrimp, crab, snail and shellfish. Because these animals have a strong ability to collect pollution, they can absorb arsenic and other toxic substances in water and store them in the form of pentavalent arsenic. Vitamin C can reduce it to toxic trivalent arsenic.

take measures according to disease conditions

different diseases should not be the same diet; To distinguish diseases and feed & quot;. In addition to the nutrients and trace elements, the main effect of food on certain diseases is the different taste of food. As it is said in the six sections of the Internal Classic on visceral phenomena: & lt; Heaven eats man with five Qi, earth eats man with five taste& rdquo;& ldquo; Sour, bitter, sweet, spicy and salty;, The five flavors correspond to liver, heart, spleen, lung and kidney respectively; Five zang organs& ldquo; Sour into the liver, bitter into the heart, sweet into the spleen, spicy into the lung, salty into the kidney;. Eat more acidic food can tonify the liver, eat more bitter food can tonify the heart, eat more sweet food can tonify the spleen. According to the change law of five elements (gold, wood, water, fire and earth), such as spleen (earth) producing lung (gold), lung disease can be treated by tonifying spleen, and lung disease can be treated by heart fire and lung gold. If lung disease exists, the purpose of lung disease can be achieved by choosing heart fire purging or kidney water according to the deficiency and excess of the disease. Different diseases have different taboos in daily diet. For example: & lt; Symplectic Qi, Qi disease without (can not) eat more symplectic; Salty blood, blood disease, no more salty food& rdquo;(《 Internal Classic & middot; It means: spicy food has the function of promoting qi and dispersing Qi. People with Qi deficiency should not eat more; Salty food has the function of promoting blood circulation. Patients with blood deficiency should not eat salty food more. Chronic bronchitis in remission period, performance for lung, spleen, kidney function deficiency damage, diet should be Yifei, Jianpi, Bushen mainly, should eat lean meat, bean products, walnuts, lotus seeds, radish, wax gourd, loquat, pear, etc., avoid eating sea fish, shrimp and crab, fat meat, etc. Hypertension is mainly caused by deficiency of liver and kidney, excessive liver Yang, internal movement of liver wind and disturbance of blood stasis. They should take the food of tonifying liver and kidney, calming liver and suppressing yang, eliminating wind and blood stasis, reducing blood pressure and lipid, such as walnut, carrot, Auricularia auricula, Zizania latifolia, celery, banana, etc.

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