When drinking ginger soup, you should learn to “treat symptoms with soup”

Learn how to drink ginger soup; Symptomatic Decoction & quot;

learn how to drink ginger soup; Symptomatic Decoction & quot;

“ Ginger at home is good for minor ailments;. Ginger is pungent and warm in nature. It has health functions such as dispersing cold and sweating, resolving phlegm and relieving cough, harmonizing stomach and stopping vomiting. With brown sugar, jujube, green tea and other excipients, it can be boiled into steaming ginger soup, which has endless magical effects. However, ginger soup also needs to be drunk symptomatically. If you drink it wrong, it will hurt your body, and the gain is not worth the loss.

green tea and ginger soup prevent heatstroke. Caffeine in

green tea can enhance the excitation process of cerebral cortex, and play a refreshing and refreshing effect. Therefore, boiling with shredded ginger has a good effect on preventing heatstroke. It can quickly take effect on general heat symptoms, such as dizziness, palpitation, chest tightness, etc.

xiaocongjiang decoction can stop diarrhea.

this flavor of ginger soup is suitable for acute gastroenteritis symptoms such as abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea caused by disease from the mouth. Appropriate drink some ginger soup, can play a role in prevention and treatment. Scientific research has found that ginger can play the role of some antibiotics, especially for Salmonella.

ginger coke dispels cold wind.

many people think of drinking a bowl of shredded ginger Cola when they have a cold. But some people drink, cold is more and more serious. This is because cold in winter can be divided into wind cold and wind heat. Cold in winter mainly shows fear of cold, wind, less sweating, cough and clear nose; Wind heat cold is characterized by nasal congestion, thick phlegm, thirst. Ginger coke is only effective for wind cold, but it will be counterproductive for wind heat cold. Therefore, it is suggested that people with wind cold can drink ginger coke, while people with wind heat cold should drink heat clearing and detoxification drugs.

the jujube and ginger soup can cool the cold.

ginger and jujube are important tonics. Jujube’s tonifying qi and ginger’s promoting the circulation of Qi and blood can be combined into one, which can improve the symptoms of cold hands and feet of women, and is also very effective for the treatment of stomach diseases caused by cold. But it is not suitable for people with hot constitution, and it is more suitable in winter. Jujube has high sugar content and is not suitable for diabetics. Jujube ginger soup is very helpful for menstrual women.

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