When eating bread, you need to pay attention to these small details

When we eat bread, we need to pay attention to these small details. When we eat bread, we need to pay attention to these small details. 6667

office workers are very busy in the morning. Most of them have no time to cook breakfast. They are all replaced by simple bread, milk, steamed bun and soybean milk. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and simple bread can also meet the requirements, But we should pay attention to some small details and make the bread nutritious; Eat & quot; Go in.

details 1. Baking bread is more suitable for breakfast

some people are used to eating bread baked, which can make it smell and crisp. The number of chews on crispy bread will increase accordingly. Because chewing (Science shows that chewing can help lose weight) and stimulate the central nervous system of satiety, eating a small amount can get a sense of satiety. For people with too much stomach acid, bread, bread slices, steamed bread slices and other staple foods are carbohydrates. If you eat them like this, they will often stimulate the secretion of gastric acid and aggravate pantothenic acid. If you bake bread slices and steamed bread slices and eat them again, it will play a & lt; Nourishing stomach & quot; The role of the government. This is because there is a gelatinization layer on the burnt bread and steamed bread, which can neutralize gastric acid, inhibit gastric acid secretion and protect gastric mucosa.

but experts suggest that when baking steamed bread slices and bread slices, we must control the temperature and time. It only takes one or two minutes until it turns slightly yellow. We must not bake until the color turns brown and black, otherwise it is not good for our health after eating. People with bad stomach and intestines should not eat too much toast and steamed bread, 1 & mdash; each time; 2 tablets.

details 2, hard, light, coarse

choose bread must choose feel harder, taste lighter, mouth thicker, this kind of bread fat content is generally low, contains a lot of dietary fiber, is conducive to intestinal peristalsis and digestion and absorption, food fiber will also inhibit the absorption of sugar and fat in the body, prevent obesity. On the contrary, the filling bread is soft and sweet, but the amount of heat and fat is high. The heat of a doughnut is the same as that of a sparerib of the same weight. If you want to lose weight, you’d better try less.

therefore, whole wheat bread is still the main bread, because it contains iron, vitamin B, vitamin E, fiber, magnesium, zinc and cellulose. Eating it regularly can reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. If you like sweet bread very much, you might as well choose 1 teaspoon jam on toast. Every day, two pieces of toast with peanut butter, cream or a piece of low-fat cheese, drink a bottle of low-fat milk or yogurt, if possible, prepare some lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers to eat, moderate heat, nutrition will be more balanced.

details 3. How to peel the skin?

when bread is baked, a substance is produced and accumulated on the crust, which can not only make the crust black and sweet, but also activate free radical inhibiting enzymes, which can fight cancer and delay aging. For this reason, the best to eat bread even skin to eat.

details 4, just out of the oven bread should not be eaten immediately

just out of the oven bread should not be eaten immediately, because at this time, the bread is still fermenting, eating immediately is easy to get stomach disease, bread should be put at least two hours to eat more safe. Some people like to eat large and soft bread, feel good taste, in fact, bread fermentation also has a degree, too large does not necessarily have more nutrition.

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