When eating Tangyuan, you should pay attention to the collocation of nutrition experts. It is suggested to eat Tangyuan healthily

. Tangyuan is one of the representatives of traditional Chinese snacks. It is a ball food made of glutinous rice flour. Generally there are fillings, cooked with soup. At the same time, it is also the most characteristic food of the Lantern Festival, with a long history. Dumplings symbolize a better family reunion. Eating dumplings means a happy family in the new year. Therefore, it is an essential food for the Lantern Festival on January 15. In some areas of the south, people are used to eating Tangyuan instead of Jiaozi during the Spring Festival. I don’t know how much you know about the nutritional value of tangyuan? What should we pay attention to when eating dumplings? Let’s take you to know.

It is said that Tangyuan originated in the Song Dynasty. At that time, Mingzhou (now Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province) began to eat a new kind of food, that is, using black sesame and lard as stuffing, adding a little white granulated sugar, and rubbing glutinous rice flour outside into a round shape. After cooking, it tastes sweet, delicious and interesting. Because this kind of glutinous rice dumpling is floating and heavy in the pot, it was first called “glutinous rice dumpling”; Floating element;, Later, some areas put & lt; Floating element & quot; It was renamed tangtuan.

the skin of Tangyuan is mainly made of glutinous rice flour. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that glutinous rice is warm in nature, sweet in taste, and enters the spleen, stomach and lung channels; Glutinous rice contains protein, starch, sugar, fat, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other mineral elements. It has the functions of Tonifying Qi, astringency, relieving frequent urination, relieving spleen and stomach deficiency cold, and improving postpartum body deficiency.

There are many kinds of fillings for Tangyuan, such as nut fillings, fruit fillings, bean paste fillings, salted meat fillings & hellip& hellip;

Tangyuan with various kinds of nut stuffing is more common in the market now. Nuts taste sweet and nutritious, and become Tangyuan stuffing with unique flavor. Generally, nuts have the functions of moistening intestines and defecating, antioxidation, brain and intelligence, protecting cardiovascular system, reducing cholesterol, and scavenging free radicals. However, it is worth noting that nuts are easy to get angry and have high calorie, It is easy to lead to obesity.

the glutinous rice balls with fruit filling are also common. Fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that our bodies need. They are very helpful to our health. But some businesses use flavor blending to pursue their mouthfeel. So we must choose the glutinous rice balls produced by regular manufacturers or make their own choices.

When making dumpling stuffing, we usually put some sugar and oil, and more lard, butter, plant butter and so on. These are high in fat and contain more fat and heat. In addition, the glutinous rice used to make dumpling skin is fine grain with less fiber, And glutinous rice is very sticky, not conducive to gastrointestinal digestion, so when eating dumplings, we must pay attention to appropriate consumption, eat about 5 at a time, do not eat too much. In particular, some patients with poor stomach and intestines, three high patients, obese people and diabetics should pay special attention and try to eat less or not.

when cooking dumplings, sugar should not be put in the soup, because the dumplings are already very sweet. For some salty dumplings, we can put some vegetables in the soup, which is more conducive to the balance of nutrition. But for some small glutinous rice dumplings without stuffing, the soup can be cooked according to their own taste. Xiaotangyuan’s soup is more common, with the taste of mash, sour and sweet, which can enhance appetite, promote milk and other functions. Longan jujube flavor is also popular among people. It can moisten the heart and spleen, replenish qi and blood, and has a good nourishing effect.

The suggestions from nutrition experts may help you know more about Tangyuan

1. Tangyuan is a white staple food. In short, tangyuan and Yuanxiao are mainly glutinous rice and sugar, In addition to white glutinous rice flour contains a lot of starch, the filling also contains a lot of sugar. Therefore, from the perspective of classification, it should be regarded as a staple food. The so-called staple food is rich in carbohydrates, especially starches. This kind of food is made of glutinous rice, and it is very fine glutinous rice powder, with very little fiber. It belongs to refined white staple food, not coarse grain.

suggestion: if you eat Tangyuan and yuanxiao, you must reduce the number of staple food accordingly. Generally speaking, the glutinous rice flour used for three Yuanxiao is equivalent to the rice used for one liang of rice. The filling materials of Tangyuan and Yuanxiao contain not only sugar, but also a lot of solid oil. Rice, steamed bread is almost no fat, tangyuan is not like this, the filling of oil even more than sugar. Traditionally, lard is used to make dumplings. In the south, lard and meat are used to make salty dumplings, and lard and various kinds of nuts are used to make sweet dumplings. Later, butter products were developed, but the content of saturated fat was higher than lard. In recent years, the new fashion is to use vegetable butter, or hydrogenated vegetable oil products instead of butter and lard, but the health effect of this product is much worse than lard and butter.

sesame, peanut, nut and chocolate are high-fat raw materials. With the fat of the stuffing, the total amount is really considerable. At this time, there was a trend of replacing small dumplings with big dumplings, and the solid oil in the dumplings was more than that in the north in the past, such as bean paste, hawthorn and five kernel stuffing. In one mouthful of dumplings, almost one-third to one-half of them were oil. Eating three dumplings is equivalent to eating a dish of cooking oil.

suggestion: if you eat Tangyuan, be sure to eat less oil at the meal or on the day. Otherwise, too much fat and calories are inevitable.

3 Chocolate stuffing has low nutritional value. There are also some good things in the stuffing, such as sesame, peanuts, nuts and bean paste. Nuts have high nutritional value, and bean paste also contains a lot of protein and minerals. In contrast, chocolate filling has the lowest nutritional value. It’s likely that cocoa butter and chocolate flavored spices are put in it, and the so-called cream filled dumplings have similar problems. As for salted meat dumplings, they have more fat and few advantages.

suggestion: priority should be given to dumplings filled with nuts, sesame and bean paste. Yuanxiao is slightly different from tangyuan. Yuanxiao is rolled with dry powder. It has smaller stuffing and more powder. It is very solid and hard to cook. The glutinous rice dumplings with hot kneaded wet powder package, usually larger filling, cooked soft and delicate. Originally, glutinous rice flour is sticky and difficult to melt. In terms of starch digestion, Yuanxiao is more difficult than tangyuan; But for those who have trouble digesting fat, tangyuan is more troublesome.

suggestion: if you eat Tangyuan, it’s better to eat it hot. It’s more difficult to digest after cold. Soft dumplings, to eat slowly, to avoid burns, but also to avoid too much fat difficult to digest. When eating yuanxiao, you should chew it carefully to avoid stomach discomfort.

5 Sugar free dumplings are not & lt; Sugar free & quot;

many diabetic patients are interested in sugar free glutinous rice balls and feel that they can rest assured that they can not eat without sugar. In fact, no sugar does not mean low calorie, does not mean hypoglycemic reaction. Because the glutinous rice flour in Tangyuan can make blood sugar rise, even faster than honey, almost the same as white sugar. Even if there is no sugar, eating it is also not conducive to controlling blood sugar, so diabetic patients should be very careful. Moreover, the lack of sugar does not mean less oil, so much saturated fatty acids, even trans fatty acids, is not conducive to the control of blood lipids.

suggestion: if you are worried about the sugar and oil, just eat less and don’t believe in sugar free products.

in a beautiful festival, you can eat two or three dumplings. In order to control blood sugar and blood lipid, it is advisable to use low-fat and high fiber food to cooperate with it, such as beans, vegetables, fungi and algae, which are good choices.

in addition, when eating dumplings, you should add a stir fry, choose more cold, stew, stir fry and cooking methods, try to control the total amount of fat in a day. Braised meat, pastry, fried food and other oily things had better be eaten another day. In this way, we can have both festival food and healthy life.

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