When is the best time to drink milk powder for pregnant women?

there are many adverse reactions during pregnancy, and it is not easy for expectant mothers to take good care of their own body, but also to take care of the nutrition of their babies. Many expectant mothers need to supplement nutrition because they can’t keep up with cramps when they go to bed at night, especially at three or four o’clock, Drinking pregnant women’s milk powder is a good choice and convenient. So, when is the best time to drink pregnant women’s milk powder?

drinking before going to bed at night is one of the best choices. General pregnant women milk powder are sweet, drink more easy to gain weight, so it is recommended not to drink more every day, 150 ml is the best.

there is also a period of time when the fetus is three and a half months to start drinking is more appropriate. At this time, the fetus in the stomach inside the rapid growth, need a lot of calcium. At this time, the expectant mother will drink once in the morning and once in the evening to ensure the absorption of nutrients throughout the day.

generally speaking, it’s drink in the morning and evening. If it’s only once, it’s recommended to drink milk at night and before going to bed. On the one hand, it’s helpful for pregnant mothers to sleep. On the other hand, it’s easy to absorb calcium in milk powder. It’s important to note that if you supplement milk powder for pregnant women, you still feel cramped at night, It is necessary to assist other foods (such as milk) to meet the calcium demand of the fetus. Remember not to increase the consumption of milk powder for pregnant women.

the fetus is six months old, and in July and August, the body has grown. At this time, calcium does not need to be too much, and the milk powder for pregnant women will be halved or not drunk. If you drink it again, you can only gain weight for yourself. Pregnant women should not drink milk powder on an empty stomach. They must drink it after meals to avoid strong stimulation of digestive system and fetal stimulation. If you have the conditions, you can start drinking before pregnancy, at the latest, you can start drinking from the second trimester of pregnancy when your baby needs the most nutrition, and you can drink when you have a meal in the middle. However, many serious mothers can’t drink pregnant milk powder, because the taste of pregnant milk powder is different from ordinary milk, which will be more fishy. For the sake of the baby, it’s better to find the right milk powder. Also need to pay attention to is, don’t drink milk powder on an empty stomach,

don’t partial diet, diet as wide as possible diversification. Eat more high protein and high quality protein food, and eat more fruits and vegetables. Don’t drink coffee. quit smoking. Do not touch toxic substances and radiation sources. Quit smoking, drink tea, prevent cold, etc. Avoid spicy food, keep a happy mood, I wish the majority of expectant mothers can have a healthy baby as soon as possible.

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