When is the best time to drink milk?

when is the best time to drink milk?

as an important nutrition and food in life, milk is being accepted by more and more people. Nutrition experts suggest that there are three in a day; Best time: Drinking milk 1-2 hours after breakfast, around 4 pm and before going to bed at night is the best.

1, 1-2 hours after breakfast: milk has hypnotic and sedative effect. In the morning, it is the time for women to study and work energetically. Drinking milk makes people feel drowsy, which is not good for study and work. Therefore, it is better not to drink milk on an empty stomach in the morning, but to drink milk 1-2 hours after breakfast, Food in the stomach prevents the disadvantage of drinking milk on an empty stomach. The energy supply of breakfast accounts for 25% to 30% of the total energy demand of the human body. Drinking a glass of milk at breakfast together with eggs or bread can provide sufficient nutrition. When drinking milk in the morning, you should eat some steamed buns, rice, bread, biscuits, snacks and other starchy foods at the same time, which can make the milk stay in the human stomach for a long time, and the milk and gastric juice can be fully enzymolysis, so that the protein can be well digested and absorbed.

2, around 4 PM: it is better to drink milk before dinner.

3, before going to bed at night: because milk contains a kind of biochemical substance L-tryptophan which can make people tired and sleepy, and a trace of morphine, these substances have a certain sedative and hypnotic effect, especially L-tryptophan, which is the main raw material for the synthesis of hydroxytryptamine in the brain, and serotonin plays a key role in brain sleep, It can make the brain thinking activity temporarily inhibited, so that people want to sleep, and without any side effects, and the absorption of milk sticky on the stomach wall is good, the calcium in milk can also clear tension, so it is more beneficial to women’s sleep, so drinking milk at night is good for women’s rest and sleep.

women drink milk notice

1, not frozen. After the milk is frozen, the fat and protein in the milk are separated, the casein is powdery and coagulated, the taste is obviously thinner, and the nutrients are not easy to be absorbed.

2. Avoid sunlight. Vitamin B and C in fresh milk will soon disappear when exposed to sunlight. Even if the weak sunlight is exposed for more than 6 hours, vitamin B will be reduced by half. Therefore, it is best to store milk in colored or opaque containers, and store in a cool place.

3. It is not suitable to cook at high temperature for a long time. The protein in milk is affected by high temperature. It changes from sol state to gel state, resulting in the appearance of sediment and the decrease of nutritional value.

4. It is not suitable to drink with tea. Dairy products are rich in calcium ions, tannins in tea will hinder their absorption in the gastrointestinal tract.

5. Copper heating is not suitable. Copper can accelerate the destruction of vitamin C and catalyze the chemical reactions in milk, thus accelerating the loss of nutrients.

6. It is not suitable to drink milk on an empty stomach. Some people think that drinking milk on an empty stomach in the morning is the easiest way to be absorbed. In fact, the milk consumed at this time will quickly convert protein into energy consumption. It’s best to eat something before drinking milk or drink while eating food.

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