When is the best time to drink tea

with such rapid social development, the transportation between major cities and even countries is very convenient, and the express delivery is also very fast. So people can always eat very fresh fruit. Different fruits have different effects. So people like to eat fruit very much. So why does pitaya have the function of defecation? Let’s talk about it today.

pitaya can promote the growth and development of infants, protect gastrointestinal tract, prevent constipation, help the formation of cell membrane, prevent anemia, protect baby’s skin, make skin more delicate, prevent cold, treat cough caused by dryness and heat, and have rehabilitation effect on babies with eczema. Therefore, Baoma should give baby some pitaya, but not too much, For babies over 1 year old, the daily consumption of Pitaya should not exceed 100g.

pitaya has the effect of lowering the fire. If the baby is inflamed, encourage the baby to drink more water, help the baby massage the abdomen to increase intestinal peristalsis, and properly supplement some inflamed foods, such as qinghuobao, eat more fruits and vegetables, and try to eat less or no hot and dry food, Such as garlic, leek, fennel and so on, these foods are easy to catch fire, causing heat in the body, and then affect the baby.

the anthocyanin content of Pitaya is higher, and the anthocyanin has obvious effect, and the antioxidant has antioxidant, anti free radical, anti-oxidation activity Huolong is rich in vitamin C, which can eliminate oxygen free radicals and whiten skin. 4. Huolong is low-energy, low-energy, low-energy, high-energy, low-energy, high-energy, low-energy, high-energy, high-energy, low-energy, low-energy, high-energy, high-energy, low-energy, high-energy, low-energy, high-energy, high-energy, low-energy, high-energy, low-energy, high-energy, low-energy, high-energy, high-energy, high-energy, low- The content of high fiber and water-soluble dietary fiber is not rich. It has the effects of reducing weight, lowering cholesterol, moistening intestines and preventing colon cancer, etc Virus infection and immunosuppression and other diseases play a positive role

through the above introduction, we must have a certain understanding of why pitaya has the effect of defecation. There are so many kinds of fruits in China that people have no choice. However, everyone has his own unique hobby. Many people like pitaya very much. Not only because it is delicious, but also because it can treat constipation.

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