When is the best time to drink yogurt? How to drink yogurt

yogurt is easier to digest and absorb than ordinary milk. Due to its special components, it is more conducive to the digestion and absorption of gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, sour milk has certain benefits for the prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases.

when is the best time to drink yogurt? How to drink yogurt

the best time to drink yogurt

the best time to drink yogurt in a day is divided into the following three time periods.

in the morning

the diet in the morning is the most important to ensure nutrition. Yogurt contains a lot of nutritional elements necessary for the human body, so the effect of drinking yogurt in the morning is better. However, it should be noted that you can’t drink yogurt on an empty stomach in the morning. You should match it with some coarse grains, bread, etc.

at night

drinking yogurt at night has more benefits and can have a very good calcium supplement effect. From 12 p.m. to early morning, the blood calcium content of human body is the lowest, which is conducive to the absorption of calcium in food. During this period, there are few factors affecting calcium absorption in the human body, and yogurt contains the combination of lactic acid and calcium, which can promote calcium absorption. So, if you can, you might as well drink a cup of yogurt before going to bed, but pay attention to oral hygiene.

30 minutes ~ 2 hours after dinner

the effect of drinking yogurt is also very good. The pH value of yogurt will be diluted into the stomach for about 3 ~ 5 hours after meals, which will be more effective for people.

can you drink yogurt during menstruation

women should drink yogurt carefully during menstruation. Yogurt itself has no effect on menstruation, but because yogurt is generally stored in cold storage, women should avoid spicy stimulation and raw and cold food during menstruation, so they should drink yogurt carefully. Even if you want to drink it, you can’t directly drink the frozen yogurt just taken out of the refrigerator.

yogurt can be eaten by the general population. Yogurt is suitable for people with weak body, insufficient Qi and blood, malnutrition, intestinal dryness and constipation, for patients with hypercholesterolemia, arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease and fatty liver, for cancer patients, especially patients with gastrointestinal cancer, for people with dry skin, and also as beauty food. Women can drink yogurt in an appropriate amount for a long time to moisturize their skin Delicate and shiny.

people with excessive stomach acid should not eat more yogurt. Patients after gastrointestinal surgery, patients with diarrhea or other intestinal diseases are not suitable to drink yogurt. Menstrual women should also drink yogurt carefully. How to drink


yogurt has good health care function and special taste. It is an ideal healthy food for people. When drinking yogurt, it should be noted that the most suitable temperature for eating yogurt should be 10 ℃ – 12 ℃. The yogurt tastes best at this temperature. If it is in hot summer, the temperature can be lower. In addition, yogurt is prohibited from heating. If you drink yogurt during menstruation, you can wait until the yogurt is placed for a while. The yogurt can not be heated, but it can be heated appropriately, such as in hot water.

when selecting yogurt, it should also be noted that yogurt and yogurt beverage are not the same substance, and their nutritional values are completely different. The content of yogurt beverage water is high, accounting for 70%, and yogurt is made of 100% milk fermentation. At present, there are mainly two kinds of yoghurt on the market, namely solidified yoghurt and stirred yoghurt. The latter forms curd due to partial denaturation of protein in acidic environment. On this basis, the former also added a small amount of rennet to promote protein coagulation. There is little difference in the nutritional composition between the two types of yogurt and fresh milk.

can pregnant women drink yogurt

can pregnant women drink yogurt? Yogurt is rich in lactic acid bacteria, which can promote the secretion of digestive enzymes and gastrointestinal peristalsis, remove intestinal garbage and inhibit the reproduction of spoilage bacteria. In addition, it also provides vitamins, folic acid, calcium and other nutrients that can maintain the health of pregnant women and fetuses. Therefore, pregnant women can certainly drink yogurt, especially for pregnant women who like light, sour taste and lack of appetite, yogurt is most suitable for the taste of early pregnancy. Women in the third trimester and lactating mothers need a lot of calcium and protein. Eating more yogurt can provide appropriate nutrients.

benefits of pregnant women drinking yogurt:

enhances absorption rate

yogurt is a nutritious and healthy food. Yogurt not only preserves all the nutrients of the original fresh milk, but also lactic acid makes the protein form a fine curd, which can enhance the digestion and absorption rate.

mediates the microbial balance in the intestine

the lactic acid bacteria in yogurt can inhibit the reproduction of pathogenic Escherichia coli and dysentery bacteria in the intestine and reduce the chance of intestinal infectious diseases.

is easy to digest and absorb

sour milk is easier to digest and absorb than ordinary milk. Due to its special components, it is more conducive to the digestion and absorption of gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, sour milk has certain benefits for the prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases.

prevention of gynecological diseases

yogurt has excellent bactericidal power. Many scientific experiments have proved that yogurt can reduce many intestinal bacteria, such as Escherichia coli. In addition, yogurt has always been one of the folk prescriptions for the treatment of vaginitis, and clinical experiments have confirmed that eating yogurt can indeed prevent vaginal Candida infection.

supplement calcium

milk is the best food source for human calcium supplement. Fermentation turns part of calcium in milk into ionic calcium and decomposes milk protein & mdash; An active peptide can also promote the absorption of calcium by the human body. Therefore, the calcium in yogurt is easier to be absorbed by the human body and has a higher utilization rate than milk.

can regulate gastrointestinal function

yogurt can inhibit the reproduction of intestinal peripheries, so as to regulate intestinal flora and enhance the ability of disease resistance. At the same time, yogurt can stimulate gastric acid secretion, enhance gastrointestinal digestive function and promote body metabolism.

however, pregnant women must pay attention to some details when they can drink acid. Yogurt is made of fresh milk fermented by lactic acid bacteria, and its pH value is low. If pregnant women have a large reaction in the early stage of pregnancy and turn sour, it means that their stomach is sour, so it is not suitable to drink yogurt at this time. If pregnant women do not have acid reflux, they can drink yogurt. However, after a meal, when there is some food in the stomach, you can drink it, but in an appropriate amount. In addition, a large amount of calcium is required during the middle and late pregnancy, about 1000-1500mg per day. Due to the loss of a lot of calcium in the production of yogurt, yogurt is not as rich in calcium as fresh milk. And lactic acid in yogurt should be metabolized in liver and meat, so it will increase the burden on pregnant women’s liver. Therefore, pregnant women should drink an appropriate amount of yogurt and supplement milk and other nutrients at the same time.

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