When is the best time to take calcium tablets

when is the best time to take calcium tablets

1, and about the three time periods of morning, middle and evening. Because the body’s gastrointestinal absorption is not the same, resulting in the role of calcium is sequentially enhanced, to the evening is the strongest, so eat calcium after dinner absorption capacity is the strongest. Of course, dinner can’t be very late, seven or eight o’clock is appropriate.

2. Take calcium tablets orally. It is recommended to take them during meals or 45 minutes after meals, because the activity of gastric acid is the greatest at this time, and the calcium in calcium tablets is the most easily absorbed.

3, and calcium tablets. Don’t go with beans and dairy products. This is a misunderstanding of many people. They assume that beans and dairy products contain high calcium, which can supplement calcium to a greater extent. However, they agglomerate with calcium tablets in the stomach, which is not easy to digest.

4. It should also be noted that the absorption of calcium in calcium tablets is afraid of acids, especially foods with too much oxalic acid, such as spinach, pepper, and drinks with high carbonation content. So in calcium, try to eat less or not to eat this kind of food.

5. For children’s calcium supplement, it is necessary to reduce the dosage, and pay attention to buying drugs specially suitable for children instead of taking calcium tablets for adults. If it’s lumpy, grind it into powder and add it to your child’s food.

6. For the elderly who often do heavy work and need calcium supplement, due to the poor calcium absorption capacity in the body, it is suggested to increase the oral dose, and then have a good rest at night to nourish the spirit.

7. Finally, it should be noted that although calcium tablets are the fastest way to supplement calcium, it is still necessary to supplement calcium from the daily diet (for example, often give children the sun). Do not rely on calcium tablets. After all, they are drugs, which are three kinds of poison.

little secret of calcium supplement

1, will the baby in the womb take away the calcium in the mother’s body?

answer: Yes. As fetuses grow up in the womb, they need a lot of calcium to build bones. Especially in the third trimester, the fetus needs more calcium. If the pregnant woman does not take enough calcium, the fetus will get it from her bones. Therefore, pregnant women and nursing mothers need to eat a lot of calcium rich food, can also take calcium supplements under the guidance of doctors. But the good news is that bone lost during pregnancy and lactation is usually recovered later.

2. Can we get calcium from vegetables?

answer: Yes. We all know that drinking more milk can supplement calcium, and dairy products are really rich in calcium. But many green leafy vegetables, such as cabbage, cabbage, mustard, also have a lot of calcium. Canned fish can also make calcium supplements, such as canned salmon and sardine canned fish, because they stew the bones of fish well. If you don’t take enough calcium, your risk of osteoporosis will be greatly increased.

3. What food has the most calcium? Low fat milk, whole milk or yogurt?

answer: yogurt. Yogurt is slightly better than milk. An 8-ounce cup of yogurt can provide one-third of the daily calcium requirement. Orange juice and soybean milk are also good sources of calcium. When drinking fortified calcium, don’t forget to shake the bottle first, because calcium usually sinks at the bottom of the bottle.

4, reduce calcium intake, can prevent kidney stones?

answer: No. Although many kidney stones are made of calcium oxalate, calcium in food is not the cause of kidney stones. However, taking large amounts of calcium supplements increases the risk of kidney stones. Therefore, the prevention of kidney stones, should add the right amount of calcium, not too much, not too little.

5. Do people lose calcium in the body every day?

answer: Yes. Calcium is one of the most important minerals in the human body, most of which are stored in bones and teeth. But people lose calcium through skin metabolism, sweating and hair loss every day. The body cannot produce calcium by itself, so it needs to get enough calcium from food or supplements.

6, who needs the most calcium? Children aged 4-8, teenagers aged 10-20, or people over 50?

answer: teenagers. 10-20-year-old teenagers have very fast bone development. They need a lot of calcium and should take at least 1300 mg a day. They can do it by 2 cups of milk, 1 cup of calcium fortified orange juice (editor’s note: or a cup of high calcium soybean milk) and 1 cup of yogurt every day. Adults generally need less calcium, at least 1000 mg per day´╝ł Editor’s note: the minimum calcium intake for adults in China is 800 mg per day.)

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