When is the best time to take calcium?

when is the best time to take calcium? 6667

oral calcium needs to be decomposed into calcium ions under the action of gastric acid, in order to be fully absorbed and utilized. The secretion of gastric acid mainly depends on the time of meal. Taking calcium at or after meal is more conducive to the absorption of calcium. In addition, calcium ion can also promote the secretion of gastric acid, fasting calcium tablets, easy to cause excessive gastric acid, cause discomfort. Alkaline calcium agents (such as calcium carbonate) can also play a role in neutralizing gastric acid. Taking after meals can reduce the stimulation of gastric acid on gastric mucosa. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not take calcium on an empty stomach. It’s better to take a small amount of calcium several times a day, at or after three meals. Since calcium absorption peaks at night, taking it after dinner is the best.

so called & lt; The effect of calcium supplement is good at night;, It is because the human body constantly removes old bone tissue at about 3 am, so in order to ensure a more stable calcium index in the body, it is suitable to supplement calcium source at night. Pay attention not to eat dinner too late, in order to avoid the formation of urinary stones.

some experts point out that the best time to supplement calcium is before going to bed every day. In the diet of three meals a day, the human body can take 300 mg-400 mg or more calcium from food. When the body excretes calcium from urine through calcium regulation mechanism, the blood can be supplemented from food at any time to maintain the level of blood calcium. At night, the human body no longer eats, and urine will form as usual. Part of the calcium in the blood will continue to enter the urine. Therefore, in order to maintain the normal blood calcium level, the human body has to use the calcium pool, that is, the calcium in the bone. Calcium supplement before sleep can provide calcium source for this calcium regulation at night, and block the use of bone calcium in the body. Moreover, calcium has sedative effect, which can help sleep.

therefore, the best time to supplement calcium should be before going to bed and between meals. To sleep from a period of time, it is best to rest half an hour after dinner, because blood calcium concentration in the middle of the night and the lowest in the morning, most suitable for calcium.

when is the best time for pregnant women to eat calcium?

in a day, the night is the most conducive to the absorption of calcium. At night, the body is generally in a relaxed state, and all kinds of functions are gradually stable, without the impetuous and dull during the day. This state is the most favorable for the absorption of calcium. Among the four seasons

, spring is the most favorable for calcium absorption. In the four seasons of the year, the temperature in spring is appropriate, and the body is in a state of awakening. And spring temperature is not high or low, and people’s mood is generally more relaxed, these factors make calcium more suitable for absorption.

in the whole pregnancy, the effect of calcium supplement before pregnancy is the best. It is generally recommended that women begin to supplement calcium four months before pregnancy. At this time, their body is in the best state, which is very suitable for the absorption of calcium and is conducive to the transformation into the nutrients needed by the body.

baby calcium when to eat the best

evening calcium is the most easily absorbed, so generally after dinner to eat calcium. Take calcium tablets half an hour after dinner, which is the best way to absorb. Calcium tablets are not suitable for fasting, which will stimulate the gastric mucosa. The blood calcium level of human body is the lowest in the middle of the night. Taking calcium at this time is conducive to calcium absorption and can also play a calming role. If you need to take it three times a day, it’s best to take it 1-1.5 hours after meals, not immediately after meals. Because of the oxalic acid in food, food fiber and other fatty acids generated after decomposition, all affect the absorption of calcium. Eating calcium does not mean that calcium is absorbed. Because sodium in the body is responsible for the loss of calcium. So to eat salt (sodium chloride), 5 grams a day is enough, heavy taste people should pay attention to. In addition, magnesium is to promote the absorption of calcium. It is useless to supplement calcium without magnesium. There are many foods containing magnesium, such as meat, seafood, vegetables and so on. Generally speaking, it’s better to do sports between 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m., rather than & lt; Go to bed early, get up early and do exercise;. In addition, proper sun exposure.

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