When purchasing coarse grain, we should be alert to these marketing methods:

When purchasing coarse grain, we should be alert to these marketing means. When purchasing coarse grain, we should be alert to these marketing means.

whole grain, we should see the composition table clearly.

the idea that coarse grain is good for health is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. There are many signs on supermarket shelves; Whole grain, whole grain & quot; And other words of food, known as containing selected grains, can supplement dietary fiber. Experts pointed out that the common coarse grain instant drinks on the market, such as oatmeal porridge, mostly use grains that are inferior in grade and cheaper in cost, such as broken rice or grains that have been stored for a long time. They are easy to lose nutrients after processing and milling. It is not practical to rely on them to make up for the lack of grain intake. In addition, even if pure grain is ground into flour, it should keep the original proportion of bran and germ. When choosing, consumers should see clearly whether there is & lt; Whole wheat& ldquo; Whole grain & quot; word.

coarse grain energy bars and biscuits are also the first choice for many consumers, which are rich in dietary fiber and beneficial to health. According to the general principles for nutrition labeling of prepackaged food, it is claimed that & lt; Source or content of dietary fiber;, The content of dietary fiber should be & Ge; 3 g / 100 g or & Ge; 1.5g/100ml, but the reporter found in the investigation that few coarse grain sticks or biscuits were marked in the nutrition label. Chang Cuiqing, director of the nutrition and Biochemistry Research Department of the Third Hospital of Peking University, said that some of the so-called & lt; Coarse grain food;, Only a little wheat bran is added to the white rice flour, so the dietary fiber content is very low. Chang Cuiqing suggested that the best way to get coarse cereals is to make their own porridge, rice and soymilk.

“ Pure natural & quot; Most of them are published by the UK professional market research company

; China food safety consumer lifestyle report & quot; The results show that, although Chinese products are often exposed that the publicity on the packaging is not worthy of the name, 87% of people are still willing to pay high prices for products marked with & lt; Pure natural & quot; And so on. The reporter found that the supermarket printed with & lt; Pure natural & quot; Or & lt; Natural & quot; It is not uncommon to see such foods as meat and eggs, processed foods such as dried fruits and labeled fruits and vegetables.

experts said that & lt; Natural & quot; It’s not a bad thing in itself, it’s just that the word is being abused& ldquo; The key is to see if the pollutants in it exceed the standard and what are the contents of relevant nutrients;. Relatively speaking, the food with less natural form and processing procedure has less loss of health value. For example, fresh apples are more valuable than rough dried apples, and dried apples are more nutritious than deep processed preserved apples.

protein, natural food can meet the market demand of

; Protein & quot; This kind of products has been very popular, including various flavors of protein powder, protein drinks, protein nutrient solution and so on. Experts said that the role of protein powder can not be compared with natural food, because they only provide some amino acids, but less bioactive factors, such as soybean isoflavones, contained in natural protein rich food. The protein content of protein drinks is very limited, far less than the recommended amount of 60 grams per day for normal adults. Experts point out that protein supplement can be achieved through daily diet. For example, 2 liang of beef contains about 20 grams of protein, 2 liang of tofu contains about 10 grams of protein.

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