When shopping in the supermarket, remember the principle of “four not one minus”

When you visit the supermarket, remember & lt; Four no one minus & quot; Principle

remember when you go shopping & lt; Four no one minus & quot; Principle

select from a wide range of foods & lsquo; Health & quot; Food is not easy for many people. If you only buy fresh food such as vegetables and fruits, it is recommended to buy them in a special fruit and vegetable shop near your home; If you need to buy other foods, it is recommended to keep the following in mind when shopping in the supermarket; Four no one minus & quot; principle.

take the inside, not the outside.

when choosing yogurt and quick-frozen products, we should not only see the shelf life clearly, but also try our best to choose the one inside; Fresh & quot; Take it.

column list, no blind selection.

the advantage of list shopping is that it will neither leave behind what should be bought, nor take extra home, so as to avoid getting fat.

choose fruits and vegetables instead of boxes.

a survey shows that 8:00 to 9:00 in the morning, the flow of people in the supermarket is the smallest, vegetables and fruits are the freshest, and the cost performance is the highest. When choosing fruits and vegetables, try to buy those with fresh color, full shape and no bruise, and buy less cut fruits or fresh-keeping film; Superplasticity & quot; The fruits and vegetables.

go after dinner, not when you are hungry.

research shows that people who are fasted for 5 hours go to the supermarket and choose foods with high calories, while people who go to the supermarket after eating will buy foods with relatively low calories, so going to the supermarket after meals is conducive to rational shopping.

aim to reduce the length of stay.

enter the supermarket and buy the necessities first, which can reduce the chance of staying in front of unhealthy food and avoid the temptation of junk food. Generally speaking, the time of shopping in the supermarket should be controlled within 40 minutes.

in addition, when buying food, we should pay attention to the food ingredient label and choose some food with less additives. Try to buy less processed food. It’s better to make it yourself. It’s healthier to eat.

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