When taking jiebiao traditional Chinese medicine, you should be less jealous

When taking jiebiao herbs, you should be less jealous; Explain the table;. In traditional Chinese medicine, superficial symptoms usually refer to the initial stage of exogenous infection, such as fever, headache, anhidrosis, nasal congestion, cough and so on. Clinically, jiebiao traditional Chinese medicine is mostly used in the treatment of wind cold, cold and other diseases.

: bupleurum, forsythia, etc. are the common Chinese herbs for relieving exterior symptoms; Chinese patent medicines include Yinqiao Tablets, Sangju Ganmao granules, Guizhi Decoction mixture and some Ganmao granules. After taking these drugs, there is a certain sweating effect. At the same time of sweating, pathogenic factors were expelled from the body, and the disease gradually recovered.

some people think that vinegar has bactericidal effect. Eating more when you have a cold is good for your recovery. But from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, vinegar has a astringent effect, which can promote the contraction of human pores, affect the effect of sweating and relieving the exterior, and weaken the effect of this kind of medicine. Therefore, it is suggested not to be jealous within 1-2 hours before and after taking this kind of medicine. It is better to eat vinegar food after the symptoms disappear and sweating is not necessary. The effect of vinegar fumigation in the treatment of cold is limited. It is suggested to drink more warm water when taking medicine.

however, when taking antidepressants, drinking some hot rice soup as a drug guide can help sweating, protect stomach qi, and help treat diseases such as cold and wind. The dosage of antidepressants should be controlled according to the doctor’s advice to avoid excessive sweating and body fluid consumption. People with chronic body deficiency and yin deficiency fever should also use antidotes with caution. If they can’t judge, it’s best to consult a doctor first.

in addition, patients with gastric ulcer and excessive gastric acid should not be more jealous during medication, otherwise more digestive juice may be secreted by digestive organs, affecting the efficacy.

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