When the weather gets cold, you can eat

with cool and warm food

It’s getting colder and colder when you eat cool and warm food together. It’s getting colder when you eat cool and warm food together. It’s getting colder when it’s

. It depends on your constitution when you eat hot and cold food. It’s getting colder when it’s

. Although some cool food has the function of calming, cooling and anti-inflammatory, it’s not suitable for all people, You can choose & lt; Sweet and cold & quot; Food. For example, cardiovascular patients with weakness, lack of food and edema can play the role of tonifying deficiency by eating cold duck meat in winter. On the other hand, people with spleen and stomach deficiency cold should not eat cold food, but can eat some hot food. At the same time, pay attention not to supplement too much, too much heat intake will gather in the body, leading to Yang leakage, causing damage to the balance of the human body.

cold weather, cold and warm food with eating:

, such as rabbit, chicken, duck, eggs, kelp, honey, sesame, Chinese cabbage, celery, banana, apple, etc. These foods are best eaten with warm foods. For example, many people like to stew beef. Beef is a kind of warm food. Adding some white radish when stewing is a good match for hot and cold. It has the same effect as beef; Warm and dry & quot; Can adjust balance, not only Qi, but also Xiaoshi. In addition, people who often use jujube, medlar and other foods to nourish may as well add some cool lotus leaves while cooking. The effect of nourishment will be better.

when the temperature drops and it gets cold, don’t let obesity entangle you. When it’s cold, people like to eat more fat and high calorie food, and they do less activities. At this time, obesity comes, especially in the chest, abdomen and buttocks. Don’t worry. Listen to me. At this time, you can eat more cold dishes to force your body to keep warm during digestion, Consume fat, so we are not afraid of obesity!

cold day drink boiled water benefits:

cold weather, drink more cold boiled water has the effect of preventing cold, laryngitis, especially in the morning to get up to drink a cup of boiled water, can make the liver detoxification ability and kidney washing ability, promote metabolism, increase immune function, help to reduce blood pressure, prevent myocardial infarction, Therefore, drink more boiled water every day to keep healthy.

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