When to eat ginger is better for our health

ginger is a kind of condiment that we often eat in our daily life. However, ginger seems to be a condiment on the surface. In fact, ginger has certain edible value. Of course, ginger also has certain medicinal value. Proper consumption of ginger is good for our health. But eating ginger is also about time. So, when is ginger better for your health? This is what many people want to know.

ginger can actually help people drive away the cold and treat the initial cold, so many people will still eat ginger because of this, although the taste of ginger is a little spicy and bitter. But what we don’t know is that eating ginger at the right time will have these effects. Now, let’s talk about the above problems carefully.

“men can’t have ginger for a hundred days, and women can’t have sugar for a hundred days.”

there has been a saying that “men can’t have ginger for a hundred days, and women can’t have sugar for a hundred days” since ancient times. Generally speaking, ginger “qualitative” as the product of Yang, can delay male aging and enhance prostate function; And women may have to fight against the lack of blood gas for most of their lives, so brown sugar is the first choice for daily maintenance of Qi and blood. But we should also combine the constitution, age, time and other scientific eating ginger and sugar, in order to give full play to the effect of the two kinds of food.

when is ginger the most healthy food?

from a day, eating ginger in the morning is good for your health. The ancients said, “eating ginger in the morning is better than drinking ginseng soup.”; Eating ginger at night is like eating arsenic. ” A little ginger in the morning is good for your health. But at night, because ginger is pungent and warm, and contains volatile oil, gingerol, resin and starch, it is originally hot, which can make people angry and hurt their lives, so it is not suitable to eat.

nutrition of ginger in a year

as the saying goes, “if you eat radish in winter and ginger in summer, you don’t need a doctor’s prescription.” Therefore, eating ginger in summer is better for the body. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that ginger can invigorate the spleen and appetize, stop vomiting, warm the meridians and disperse cold, relieve headache and fever, regulate chronic cold and cold, cholera abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea, etc.

traditional Chinese medicine health class: ginger partitioned moxibustion is simple and effective in regulating Yang deficiency. The advantages of eating ginger in summer are: due to the hot summer, people are used to taking cold and cool products, and feel cold at night, which is easy to produce heat dampness and affect the spleen and stomach. Therefore, people have bad stomachs and less food and satiety in summer. In view of this situation, drinking a little ginger soup or adding more ginger when cooking can disperse cold and heat, and can also treat abdominal pain, diarrhea and vomiting caused by eating unclean food.

from this point of view, ginger has many advantages, but it’s good for your health only when you eat it at the right time. Ginger, as an indispensable seasoning, also has many therapeutic effects.

therefore, through the detailed introduction of the above article, I believe most people should also know the answer to the above question. In fact, in a day, generally eating ginger in the morning is the best for people’s health. On the contrary, if you eat ginger in the evening, it is not only not good for your health, but also toxic. Therefore, we must be clear about this and keep this in mind.

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