When you are especially hungry, you’d better drink porridge

When you are very hungry, you’d better have some porridge; No matter how hungry you are, no matter what you eat;, If you eat casually, it may hurt your stomach and stomach, and lay a hidden danger for your health. The best way is to drink a little porridge first, and then return to normal diet.

in extreme hunger, the human gastrointestinal digestive function has been damaged, if you eat and drink, it is easy to cause stomach fullness, not exhaust, and lead to food stagnation, affecting the digestion and absorption of food. At this time, you should eat a small amount of semi liquid food first, and the best choice is soft and rotten rice porridge, because it will look like & lt; Wipe the wall & quot; Millet porridge is the best way to repair the damage of gastric mucosal epithelial cells caused by starvation.

in addition to porridge, soft and rotten noodles and noodle soup are also better choices. You can arrange them before eating, and then eat biscuits, bread and other staple foods, or dishes containing starch, such as sweet corn and stewed potatoes.

in addition, the amount of food intake also needs to be gradually increased, and we should not eat too much food immediately after starvation, so as to avoid a large increase in the demand for digestive juice in a short time and increase the burden of gastrointestinal organs.

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