When you have no appetite, eat tangerine peel porridge

Eat tangerine peel porridge when you have no appetite

eat tangerine peel porridge when you have no appetite

recently, many people around me complained to me that they have no appetite after the new year. Most of the reasons are that the days of overeating have destroyed their gastrointestinal function. They can’t digest food and have insufficient gastric power, so they can’t eat. At this time, drinking a bowl of tangerine peel porridge can solve this situation to a certain extent.

tangerine peel is a kind of sun dried tangerine peel. The older the tangerine peel, the better. In traditional Chinese medicine, all tangerine peels within three years are called pericarps. Those with more than three years are called tangerine peels, and the longer the tangerine peels are, the more expensive they are. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that tangerine peel is pungent and bitter in taste, warm in nature, invigorating the spleen and stomach, promoting digestion.

tangerine peel porridge method is very simple, cut into silk tangerine peel and rice can be boiled together, such porridge boil out a little fragrant, taste good. In addition to drinking tangerine peel porridge, you can also make a cup of tangerine peel honey tea when you have no appetite.

it should be noted that the flavor of tangerine peel tea is warm, if accompanied by bitter mouth and so on; Get angry & quot; Symptoms, as well as yin deficiency and excessive fire are not suitable for drinking. At the same time, when making medicinal tea, do not use fresh orange peel as tangerine peel. This is because the fresh orange peel not only does not have the medicinal effect of tangerine peel, but also may have pesticide and preservative residues on the surface.

tangerine peel should be stored for a long time and properly without moisture. Otherwise, it is easy to have a musty smell. The color is not dead black, but shiny dark brown. If it smells fragrant, it is genuine.

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