Where is 12306 student qualification inquiry? What’s wrong with 12306 student qualification inquiry?

many netizens reported that 12306 student qualification inquiry can’t be found. That’s because e-ticket has been implemented since 2020. Student tickets need to go to the railway station for examination and certification. After passing, you can see your own student qualification. So, where is 12306 student qualification inquiry? How to authenticate? Take a look at the details provided.

specific process:

first, you need to go to the railway station or high-speed railway station (no specific, you can go), find a self-service ticket machine. Then click & lt; Preferential qualification binding & quot;, Then click bind student preferential qualifications, and then operate according to the machine prompts to complete the binding. At this point, if you look at your 12306app, you can find your student preferential qualification, and it also shows that you still have several opportunities to use it. Of course, to the manual counter can also be bound to see how you choose.

related news

if you buy an e-ticket, you need to go to the counter in advance to bind your student information with your ID card (brush it on the machine together). However, your ID card may not be able to enter the high-speed railway station, and you will need to make up the difference to the adult ticket, You can’t even show your student ID when you enter the station& nbsp;
if it’s too late to bind, get the paper ticket.

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