Whether to drink Soybean milk at night is

whether to drink Soybean milk at night is

soybean milk is rich in plant protein and phospholipids, as well as vitamin B1, B2 and so on. In addition, the content of calcium, iron and other minerals in soybean milk is also very high. Long term consumption can supplement calcium, and also achieve the effect of beauty and anti-aging.

it’s good to drink Soybean milk at night. It can supplement calcium and nutrition for human body. But it should not be eaten within two hours before going to bed. Because the body can not achieve a good absorption effect at this time, it will cause accumulation in the body. Moreover, soybean milk is suitable for food with carbohydrate and starch, which can play its role better.

. Don’t drink too much soymilk in the evening. A cup the size of a disposable tea cup is enough. Want to see the nutritional effect of soybean milk, you can insist on drinking some of the right amount every day.

how about drinking soybean milk in the morning?

soybean milk is rich in iron, calcium, zinc and other minerals, especially calcium. Although it is not as good as tofu, it is higher than other kinds of milk. In spring and autumn, soybean milk can nourish yin, moisten dryness and harmonize Yin and Yang; Eating soybean milk in summer can eliminate heat, prevent heatstroke, generate fluid and quench thirst; Eating soybean milk in winter can dispel cold, warm stomach, nourish and nourish.

the main raw material of soybean milk is soybean, among which soybean protein has a certain role in reducing cholesterol, curbing the rise of triglyceride and the treatment of cardiovascular disease. Therefore, drinking more soybean milk is good for your health. However, soybean milk is not suitable for people with cold, gastritis and renal failure.

the advantage of soybean milk in the morning is

1, and the prevention of diabetes

soybean contains a lot of cellulose, which can effectively prevent excessive absorption of sugar and reduce sugar. Therefore, it can prevent diabetes, and it is a good food for diabetics.

2, body building

every 100 grams of soybean milk contains 4.5 grams of protein, 1.8 grams of fat, 1.5 grams of carbohydrates, 4.5 grams of phosphorus, 2.5 grams of iron, 2.5 grams of calcium, vitamins, riboflavin, etc., which are good for strengthening the body.

3, prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease

the bean sterol, potassium, magnesium and calcium contained in soybean milk can strengthen the excitation of heart machine blood vessels, improve heart machine nutrition, reduce cholesterol, promote blood flow and prevent vasospasm. If you can insist on drinking a bowl of soybean milk every day, the recurrence rate of coronary heart disease can be reduced by 50%.

4, prevention and treatment of hypertension

soybean milk contains stigmasterol and potassium, magnesium, is a powerful salt and sodium resistant substance. Sodium is one of the main causes of the occurrence and recurrence of hypertension. If the amount of sodium can be properly controlled in the body, it can not only prevent and treat hypertension, but also treat hypertension.

5, prevent stroke

the magnesium and calcium contained in soybean milk can significantly reduce cerebral blood lipid, improve cerebral blood flow, so as to effectively prevent cerebral infarction and cerebral hemorrhage. Lecithin in soybean milk can also reduce brain cell death and improve brain function.

evening drink honey water good

evening drink honey water good? Night is not a general concept, it can be divided into several specific stages, such as before meals, after meals, stay up late, before going to bed.

1. Drinking a cup of honey water before meals (about an hour and a half) helps to inhibit stomach acid.

2, after a meal (about two hours) drink a cup of honey water, help to promote digestion.

3. Staying up late and drinking a cup of honey water can help supplement nutrition and protect skin.

4, drink a cup of honey water before going to bed, help to improve sleep.

drinking honey water at night should be controlled. After all, honey water is rich in nutrition and sugar. Excessive drinking is easy to get fat, and it will also cause rapid rise of blood sugar, which is not conducive to health.

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