Which acupoint with strong appetite can control one’s appetite

the inducing factors of hunger and greediness are different. Hunger is produced by the stimulation of the body. When there is nothing in the stomach, it will contract. If there is no food, it will cause mild dizziness, shivering and hypoglycemia. In contrast to the formation of hunger, greediness is caused by external stimuli, such as the appearance of delicious food, delicious taste and attractive color.

1. Eat some zero calorie food

when you want to eat, drink a glass of boiled water first, let the zero calorie water occupy the stomach capacity, dilute the stomach acid, dilute the feeling of hunger. Or eat some fruits or vegetables, no calories of cellulose to eat, there is a role in water absorption, volume expansion can occupy the stomach space, can increase the sense of satiety. Apple is rich in pectin pectin, which is a kind of water-soluble fiber that can inhibit appetite. Nutrition experts believe that pectin can slow down the digestion process, making full feeling more lasting.

2. Diverting the attention of people who want to eat

people are most afraid of being idle, they are easy to be greedy when they are idle, and they are unwilling to exercise, so they will be lazy. If you fill your spare time with work, you will have no time to think about what snacks to eat, and your willpower to control your diet will also be enhanced. This is to reduce the desire to be greedy by diverting attention, so that you can get busy, and your body or brain can move. It’s natural to add some energy, so you don’t have to worry about whether you will get fat. Methods 1: press the index finger on Renzhong point and press 30 times within 10 seconds. This method can make the stomach immediately no longer feel hungry. But if you don’t want to stand out, it’s best not to do it in public.

method 2: when you want to eat snacks, use the front of the index finger and middle finger to press the inside of the wrist, and then slowly press along the part under the thumb to the little finger.

method 3: when you can’t help but want to have a big meal, you may as well use the fingertips of the index finger and middle finger to press the center point between the chest ribs and the navel, and do 30 times in 10 seconds. This method can make the stomach produce a sense of fullness, effectively reduce hunger.

method 4: when you encounter tension or pressure, you may have a big increase in appetite. At this time, the palms of both hands are relatively pressed against each other, from the lower part of the index finger to the elbow joint, which can eliminate tension and slow down pressure.

4. Regular exercise

many people think that exercise will make their stomach more hungry. In fact, after exercise, the body releases a chemical that inhibits hunger. In the long run, exercise can help stabilize appetite. People who exercise more often can control their appetite. Studies have further shown that people who exercise regularly eat more healthy foods that are high in carbohydrates and low in calories. Supplement a small amount of sugar

sugar is usually regarded as the enemy of dieters, but sugar is actually a natural appetite inhibitor. This is because sugar is quickly absorbed by the blood, making people feel full all of a sudden. In addition, sugar is also thought to stimulate the release of endorphins in the brain, making you feel high, so you don’t have to eat to make yourself more excited. 7. Cleaning the tongue with a toothbrush

. Brushing the tongue with a soft toothbrush before and after each meal can reduce appetite. Because there is a lot of tongue coating on people’s tongue, too thick tongue coating will weaken the taste nerve and affect people’s taste. Brushing the tongue repeatedly with a soft toothbrush is easy to clean the tongue coating, so as to improve the taste sensitivity, And then reduce the amount of food.

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