Which foods can supplement calcium

Which foods can supplement calcium

which foods can supplement calcium

1, cheese

dairy products are the best choice for food calcium supplement. Cheese is the dairy products with more calcium, and these calcium are easily absorbed by the human body. Every 100 grams of cheese contains about 659 mg of calcium, which is rich in calcium. Cheese can enhance the body’s ability of low resistance to disease, promote metabolism and enhance vitality. Cheese contains more fat and heat energy, but its cholesterol content is relatively low, which is also beneficial to cardiovascular health.

2, sesame paste

many people think that milk is the most abundant in calcium. In fact, sesame paste is the most abundant in daily food, with 1057mg of calcium per 100g of sesame paste. Sesame paste is rich in protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Its calcium content is much higher than that of vegetables and beans. It is good for the development of bones and teeth to eat it regularly. In addition, sesame paste is rich in lecithin, which can prevent hair from turning white or falling off prematurely.

3, mustard

in addition to dairy products such as common calcium supplements, in fact, the calcium content of vegetables is also very high. The calcium content of mustard is 294 mg per 100 g. Mustard is also rich in vitamins A, B, C and D. Mustard contains a lot of ascorbic acid, which is a highly active reducing substance. It participates in the important redox process of the body, increases the oxygen content in the brain, stimulates the brain to use oxygen, and has the effect of refreshing and relieving fatigue.

4, milk

, milk has high nutritional value, and it also contains rich mineral species. Besides the well-known calcium, there are many contents of phosphorus, iron, zinc, copper, manganese and molybdenum. Full fat milk, which is our common common milk, contains fat soluble vitamins K, a, e, etc. due to the convenient intake of milk, it often becomes the preferred food for calcium supplement.

5 and Porphyra

are rich in nutrition and high in iodine content, which can be used to treat & lt; Goiter;. However, its calcium supplement ability should not be ignored. The calcium content of Porphyra is 264 mg per 100 g. Laver can enhance memory, treat anemia of women and children, and promote the growth of bones and teeth. The polysaccharide contained in Porphyra yezoensis can significantly enhance the cellular and humoral immune functions, promote lymphocyte transformation and improve the body’s immunity.

6 and black beans

are rich in calcium, which is about 224 mg per 100 g black beans. The protein content of black beans is as high as 36% – 40%, which is equivalent to 2 times of meat, 3 times of eggs and 12 times of milk. Black bean contains 18 kinds of amino acids, especially 8 kinds of essential amino acids for human body. Secondly, black beans basically contain no cholesterol, only plant sterols, and plant sterols are not absorbed and utilized by human body, which can inhibit the absorption of cholesterol by human body and reduce the content of cholesterol in blood. Therefore, often eat black beans, can soften blood vessels, moisten the skin, delay aging.

7, kelp

kelp is rich in calcium, which is often ignored. In fact, the calcium content of kelp is about 240 mg per 100 g. In addition, kelp contains alginic acid, laminarin, galactan and other polysaccharides, kelp amino acid, glutamic acid, aspartic acid, proline and other amino acids, vitamin B1, B2, C, P and carotene, iodine, potassium, calcium and other inorganic salts. Kelp has the effect of preventing and treating iodine deficiency goiter, and its alginate and laminarin have the effect of lowering serum cholesterol.

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