Which foods can’t be eaten with oranges

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What are the foods that can’t be eaten with oranges

what are the foods that can’t be eaten with oranges

oranges are one of the common fruits in autumn and winter, such as milk and eggs, which are loved by many people because of their rich nutrition. But not all foods can be eaten casually, because the substances in the food are different, which may be mutually reinforcing and restraining. If you eat casually, it may cause abdominal pain! Now let’s learn about the foods that can’t be eaten with oranges.


orange contains vitamin C, but cucumber contains vitamin C decomposing enzyme. Obviously, if you eat it together, it will destroy the vitamin C Nutritional Components in orange and reduce its nutritional value.

animal liver

animal liver contains iron and copper plasma, which will oxidize vitamin C in orange, thus reducing the nutritional value of food.


eggs and milk are the same, rich in a lot of protein, at this time, the fruit acid of orange will make protein coagulation, and then affect the health of the stomach.


oranges and milk can not be eaten at the same time, because oranges are rich in vitamins and fruit acid, and the protein contained in milk will react with fruit acid, making it coagulate and precipitate, which affects the absorption and digestion of intestines and stomach. At the same time, it can also reduce the nutritional value of orange and milk. Serious can also cause abdominal pain, diarrhea and other physical discomfort. It is recommended to eat two kinds of food at least 1 hour apart, and do not eat other acidic fruits within one hour after eating milk.


oranges and radishes can not be eaten together. Because radish into the human body will produce a kind of sulfate, and then quickly metabolize a kind of thiocyanate, which is an anti thyroid substance. At this time, when you eat oranges, the flavonoids in oranges are converted into hydroxybenzoic acid and ferulic acid in the intestines and stomach. They will strengthen the inhibitory effect of thiocyanate on thyroid gland, thus inducing goiter.

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