Which foods contain the most potassium?

Which foods contain the most potassium?

which foods contain the most potassium?

coconut is the champion of fruit.

“dietary guide for Chinese residents” recommends that the daily intake of potassium for ordinary adults is 2000 mg. In fact, most foods contain potassium, 100-200 mg per 100 grams of Cereals, 600-800 mg per 100 grams of beans, 200-500 mg per 100 grams of vegetables and fruits, and 150-300 mg per 100 grams of meat and fish. When it comes to fruits rich in potassium, the best known is bananas. The most abundant fruits are coconut, followed by fresh jujube, jackfruit, hawthorn, durian, banana, longan, guava, cherry and pomegranate. Sagittaria Sagittaria is the champion of the vegetables. The top 10 vegetables with potassium content are Sagittaria Sagittaria, Flammulina velutipes, lily, carrot tassel, green bean, pumpkin, water chestnut, green radish tassel, broad bean and bamboo shoot.

radish tassel is rich in potassium, and the content per 100g can meet more than 1 / 5 of our daily needs. Mushrooms such as Tricholoma matsutake and hazelnut mushroom are also high in potassium, which can be used to make soup. Tremella fuciformis is also high in potassium. It’s also good to make Tremella fuciformis wolfberry lotus seed soup with Tremella fuciformis, and stew it.

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