Which fresh vegetables and fruits reduce fire?

in summer, due to the climate, many people will get on fire. Getting on fire will affect people’s mood and work in a day. Getting on fire has a lot to do with their daily life and eating habits. Sometimes not drinking water for a long time or eating spicy and indigestible food will lead to getting on fire, So which fresh vegetables and fruits have food to reduce fire? Let’s have a look.

pear. Pear is the “master of all fruits”. Because it is fresh and juicy, sweet and sour, it is also known as “natural mineral water”. It has the functions of nourishing yin and reducing fire, clearing heart and moistening lung, lowering blood pressure and sedation.

strawberry. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that strawberry is cool and sour, non-toxic, and has the effects of moistening lung and promoting body fluid, clearing heat and cooling blood, strengthening spleen and relieving alcohol. In case of fever, cough, sore throat and hoarseness, you can use fresh strawberry fruit to wash and squeeze juice, one cup in the morning and one cup in the evening every day.

tomatoes. Also known as “June persimmon”, it can clear away heat and quench thirst, nourish yin and cool blood, and return to liver, stomach and lung channels. It has the effects of invigorating stomach and eliminating food, clearing away heat and toxin, cooling blood and calming liver. Summer thirsty, loss of appetite, eat tomatoes again appropriate.

balsam pear. Some people regard watermelon as a treasure to relieve summer heat, but in theory, the most appetizing and refreshing melon food is balsam pear. Since ancient times, Chinese people have experienced the saying that “bitterness can clear away heat” and “bitterness can strengthen the stomach”. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that bitter gourd taste, cold nature, can clear away heat and fire, summer eating bitter gourd is appropriate.

wax gourd. It has good heat clearing and heat relieving effect. Summer eat more wax gourd, thirst, diuretic swelling. Because of its diuretic, and contains little sodium, so it is chronic nephritis edema, dystrophic edema, edema of pregnant women detumescence. It contains a variety of vitamins and trace elements necessary for the human body, which can adjust the metabolic balance of the human body

the food mentioned in the above article has a very good effect on reducing fire. If you are a friend who often gets angry, you can get a good effect by eating the above food properly. In addition, you should pay attention to your diet and try to avoid spicy food, Stimulating things, there is also a food that is not easy to digest, it is best not to eat, every day to ensure that there is enough water.

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