Which fruits should not be eaten on an empty stomach

Which fruits are not suitable to eat on an empty stomach

which fruits are not suitable to eat on an empty stomach 6667

1, banana

contain a lot of magnesium. If you eat a lot of bananas on an empty stomach, it will suddenly increase the magnesium content in the blood, cause the imbalance of magnesium and calcium in the human blood, inhibit the cardiovascular system, and be harmful to health.

2 and persimmon

contain a large amount of gastric acid in the stomach during fasting. It is easy to react with persimmon gum phenol, gum, pectin and soluble astringent contained in persimmon to form gastric persimmon stone disease, causing heartache, nausea, vomiting, gastric distention, gastric ulcer, even gastric perforation, gastric bleeding and other diseases.

3 and orange

contain a lot of sugar and organic acids. Eating orange on an empty stomach will stimulate gastric mucosa, increase gastric acid, and make the spleen and stomach full of stuffy and acid.

4 and tomato

contain a lot of pectin, Diospyros kaki, soluble astringent and other components, which are easy to react with gastric acid and condense into insoluble lumps. These lumps can block the pylorus at the outlet of the stomach, increase the pressure in the stomach, and cause acute gastric distention and distension.

5 and sugarcane

have high sugar content and should not be eaten on an empty stomach, otherwise they will stimulate the gastric mucosa and make the stomach ache and the spleen and stomach full.

6, hawthorn

taste sour, have the function of promoting qi and eliminating food, but if you eat it on an empty stomach, it will not only consume Qi, but also enhance hunger and aggravate stomach disease.

7 and black jujube

contain a lot of pectin and tannic acid, which are easy to combine with gastric acid in human body and cause intragastric lumps. Especially can not eat too much before going to bed, people with chronic gastrointestinal disease had better not eat.

8 and fresh litchi

have high sugar content. If you eat too much fresh litchi on an empty stomach, it will be caused by the sudden infiltration of excessive high sugar into your body; Hyperosmolar coma;.

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