Which groups are suitable for drinking goat milk

Which groups are suitable for drinking goat’s milk

which groups are suitable for drinking goat’s milk

in the case of lack of human milk, different stages of goat’s milk formula can be used for premature, weak and vulnerable infants. It is understood that infants fed with milk are prone to allergic dermatitis, eczema, diarrhea and constipation, while infants fed with goat’s milk generally do not have allergic and constipation symptoms.

goat’s milk is also helpful to the health of the elderly, and its proportion of protein, fat and carbohydrate is very suitable for the elderly. The fat globules in goat’s milk contain a kind of mucopolysaccharide, which can inhibit the reproduction of Escherichia coli in the intestine, effectively help the elderly to digest and absorb, avoid fat accumulation, and control the rise of cholesterol in the blood.

goat’s milk is a good food source for infants over 6 months who can’t be breastfed for various reasons, but some nutrients should be adjusted to make it closer to breast milk. It is not recommended to change between goat milk and milk frequently.

in fact, both goat milk and milk can provide high-quality protein for human body, which is the most convenient way to obtain calcium. Milk is just a kind of food in our daily diet. It is important to ensure the balanced nutrition in our overall diet every day.

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