Which is better for longevity, vegetarian or meat?

Which is better for longevity, vegetarian or meat?

who is more beneficial to longevity?

is vegetarianism or meat better for longevity? This is a controversial topic. Vegetarianism is associated with longevity, but vegetarianism alone is not enough. People’s life expectancy is affected by congenital genes and acquired environment. Previous studies on twins have shown that genes have no more than 30% effect on life expectancy, and more important factors come from environment, including diet.

a follow-up survey of about 100000 people in the United States showed that during the five-year study period, the mortality rate of vegetarians was lower than that of carnivores, especially for men. There are also some large studies or comprehensive analysis show that eating less meat, longer life, not eating meat, more benefits. Of course, not all relevant studies are consistent, but obviously, vegetarian diet can help reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, hypertension and certain cancers.

is it possible to conclude that you can live long without meat? no way. Studies or surveys are all animal experiments, or the analysis of existing health data, or the recruitment of volunteers to observe for a period of time. The conclusion is that the relationship between some measures and life expectancy is not equal to causality. For example, vegetarians are more likely to live a long life. It may also be because vegetarians exercise more, smoke and drink less.

therefore, if you want to live a long life and get sick young and old, you have to control various environmental factors as much as possible, including diet. You might as well eat less meat as possible. What’s more, if you want to live a long life, you have to avoid some obvious risk factors, such as smoking.

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