Which is the most nutritious way to eat pork

Which is the most nutritious way to eat pork; Three high & quot; The crowd can only taste it. On the one hand, due to its raw material & quot; Pork & quot; The content of saturated fat is too high, but the content of high-quality protein is not much, which is not conducive to the health of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular; On the other hand, the long-term stew of braised pork will make the rich B vitamins in pork run out.

steamed spareribs.

with millet, beans, sesame wrapped in fresh and juicy pork ribs, steamed on the pot, the production of less oil and less salt. Rich dietary fiber and B vitamins in coarse grains can not only increase satiety and reduce meat intake, but also help digestion, which is suitable for the elderly, children and & lt; Three high & quot; crowd.

pork chop stew is also good.

can give full play to the diversity of diet to meet the taste and nutritional needs of different groups of people. It can not only match with corn, lotus root, kelp and other common ingredients, but also add medlar, yam, jujube and other food of the same origin to the soup base. The soup is clear, fresh, fragrant and not greasy, which can be said to be a good tonic in winter.

pork stuffing is more popular.

pork cabbage tastes sweet, pork fennel is not greasy, pork shepherd’s purse is full of game, pork mushroom is delicious and attractive. For people with poor gastrointestinal function or children who can’t eat large pieces of pork, steamed buns or dumplings filled with pork can be tried.

in addition, take the good lean meat and cook it in white water until the meat is soft and rotten, then take it out and mix it with celery, lotus root slices, carrots and other vegetables and seasonings, or dip it in the sauce directly. It can also be ground to make vegetable meatballs, low salt and low fat, used to make soup or hot pot, suitable for all seasons.

however, even if it is not braised in soy sauce, the daily intake should not be too much. The amount of pork should be two or three fingers, and the pork chop should be about 3 pieces.

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