Which kind of food is better?

many friends often suffer from anemia. When they do some work that requires a lot of physical strength, they are prone to dizziness and weakness. In fact, it has a lot to do with our body’s lack of iron. Once the body is short of iron, it will have a great impact on the body, which food can replenish blood? Now let’s have a simple understanding!

1 and black fungus

black fungus contains protein and sugar, especially rich in calcium, phosphorus and iron. It contains 100 mg iron per 100 g raw black fungus and 185 mg iron per 100 g dry black fungus, which is 7 times of the iron content in pig liver.

2 and

are rich in inorganic salts, especially iron, which are indispensable to human body. They contain 45 grams of iron per 100 grams, which is almost twice as high as pig liver (25 mg of iron per 100 grams of pig liver), 30 times higher than carp and 22 times higher than beef. Therefore, the diet of women after childbirth should often contain pig blood, which can not only prevent and treat iron deficiency anemia, but also supplement nutrition, which is of great benefit to the body.

3, red dates

, red dates taste sweet and warm, with the function of nourishing blood and calming the nerves, tonifying the middle and replenishing qi. The nutritional value of jujube is quite high, although the iron content is not high, but it contains a lot of vitamin C and a. Every 100 grams of jujube contains 500 mg of vitamin C, and patients with iron deficiency anemia are often accompanied by vitamin C deficiency. Therefore, pregnant women in the food containing iron at the same time, but also eat food rich in vitamin C, jujube is the best tonic. When eating foods with high iron content, it is better not to eat spinach, amaranth, fresh bamboo shoots and strong tea with high oxalic acid or tannic acid at the same time, so as to avoid forming insoluble salts and hindering the absorption of iron.

4 and

pig liver are rich in vitamin A and C. every 100 grams of pig liver contains vitamin a10000 units and vitamin C20 mg. In addition, it also contains protein, fat, thiamine, riboflavin, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals. These nutrients are not only beneficial to health preservation and health, but more importantly, pig liver has the functions of supplementing blood and iron, liver and eyesight, and preventing anemia after delivery.

above food iron effect is very good, usually can eat more, especially anemia patients, usually should eat more, often eat some for our health is also very good, usually can eat more eggs, beef and other food, iron effect is also very good Oh!

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