Which kind of heating method is the best in winter, the most suitable for family and residential heating?

I. central heating: urban heating applicable residence: ordinary residence, office building

principle: urban heating network, regional heating network or central heating boiler room as heat source heating mode

advantages: the technology is relatively mature, safe and reliable, and the use price is relatively cheap

disadvantages: 1. The heating time and temperature can not be controlled by themselves, and the heating comfort is poor
2. The unsightly heat sink takes up space and affects the decoration effect
3. The difficulty of charging is a long-standing problem that cannot be solved, especially the low occupancy rate of the new community leads to the failure of heating
4. When the temperature of the heat sink reaches 80 ℃, it will produce dust mass, which will make the wall above the heating covered with dust
5. There is no heat source before and after the heating period, and the heating charge increases year by year
6. Heating network facilities need long-term maintenance, repair and replacement<

2. domestic coal-fired boiler: domestic heating

1. Heating time is free
2. The heating furnace can provide domestic hot water at the same time

1. It needs someone to be on duty at home, which is dirty and tired, and has low comfort
2. The service life of the heating furnace is about 6 years, and the renewal cost should be borne by the owner
3. Serious combustion dust and air pollution
4. The pipeline radiator takes up the inner area of the sleeve and affects the appearance<

III. hot and cold air conditioner: fast temperature rise

principle: electric energy heating

2. Easy to install, removable<

1. It produces dryness and static electricity, which is not conducive to human health
2. High cost.

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