Which of stinky tofu and tofu has high nutritional value? Why is stinky tofu so stinky

stinky tofu? Although its name is tacky, crude in the outside, strange in the middle, and has a long history, it is a very characteristic flavor. It is ancient and traditional. Once tasted, it is often irresistible and quick to taste. There are regional differences in the way of making and eating in China and around the world. The stinky dried tofu in Changsha and Shaoxing are quite famous, but their making and taste are very different. But they all smell and taste delicious, which is the characteristic of stinky tofu.

which of stinky tofu and tofu has high nutritional value? Why is stinky tofu so smelly

why is stinky tofu so smelly?

tofu is as white as jade, with pleasant bean aroma, but stinky tofu is gray and extremely smelly. To understand why, we should start with the production process of stinky tofu. Bean curd is obtained by soaking soybean, grinding, removing residue, boiling, adding coagulant and squeezing water. This process is familiar to everyone. Stinky tofu can be divided into fermentation and non fermentation according to the process. The green fermented bean curd sold on the market belongs to fermented stinky tofu, which is fermented on the basis of tofu, while the fried stinky tofu sold on the street belongs to non fermented stinky tofu. The odor of the former comes from the sulfide (such as dimethyl disulfide, dimethyl trisulfide, dimethyl tetrasulfide), indole and some smelly amino acids (such as alanine) produced by microorganisms (often molds or lactic acid bacteria) fermenting proteins. The odor of non fermented stinky tofu comes from stinky brine.

compared with tofu, how about its nutrition?

fermented stinky tofu, due to the fermentation process, part of the protein is decomposed into peptides and amino acids more conducive to digestion and absorption; In addition, vitamin B12 will be produced during fermentation. Vitamin B12 mostly exists in animal foods and is very low in plant foods, so vegetarians often lack it. However, fermented bean products, including stinky tofu, are rich in vitamin B12, which is one of the food sources for vegetarians to supplement vitamin B12.

non fermented stinky tofu on the street naturally has no advantage of vitamin B12. Moreover, after frying, the energy is much higher than ordinary tofu. It’s OK to taste it occasionally. If you eat it every day on the basis of three meals, it is easy to cause excess energy; And high temperature frying will lose some nutrients.

how to eat stinky tofu more healthily?

1. Stinky tofu, especially fermented stinky tofu, such as fermented tofu, has a high salt content. The dietary guidelines for Chinese residents recommend that each person eat no more than 6G of salt per day. However, the recent nutritional survey found that our average daily salt intake is 12g. Therefore, the amount of fermented bean curd with high salt must be limited.

2. Protein decay products. Fermentation will not only make protein more conducive to digestion and absorption, but also produce some spoilage products harmful to human body, such as hair base nitrogen. Some studies show that the average content of hair base nitrogen in Qingfang fermented bean curd is hundreds of times higher than that of normal food.

3. Fried stinky tofu has high energy. Fried stinky tofu naturally has high energy.

4. The oil used in street fried stinky tofu is difficult to ensure the quality. If it is gutter oil, it is repeatedly fried. Among them, carcinogens such as trans fatty acids and benzopyrene will increase the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and cancer.

spicy stinky tofu

materials: stinky tofu 4 slices, 1 green garlic, 1 tablespoon minced garlic, 1 tablespoon wine, 3 tablespoons spicy bean curd, half a tablespoon sugar, half a tablespoon soy sauce and 1 cup water.


1. Wash stinky tofu, fry it in a bowl until it is crisp and yellow, and remove it.

2. Stir fry minced garlic with 2 tablespoons of oil, add all seasonings and bring to a boil. Add stinky tofu and chopped green garlic to taste.

3. Simmer over low heat until the soup is slightly dry. Put it into the pot and serve.

warm tips:

1. If the stinky tofu tastes too strong and is afraid of leaving peculiar smell during cleaning, you can buy ready-made fried tofu and cook it back.

2. It is easy to keep warm in pot. If there is no pot, you can use a deep plate, but you should eat it as soon as possible. It tastes bad when it is cold.

fried stinky tofu with soybeans

method: wash the stinky tofu , cut it into small pieces and drain the water. The soybeans are peeled. Fry the tofu in the golden pan until it is yellow. Leave a small amount of oil in the pot, heat it until 80% hot, stir fry the soybeans until cooked, then pour the stinky tofu, add a little water, salt and monosodium glutamate, and put it on the plate after the soup is dried.

steamed stinky tofu

materials: four pieces of stinky tofu, two slices of pickled cabbage, four liang of soybean sprouts, six mushrooms, one red pepper and an appropriate amount of coriander.

seasoning: sesame oil, black vinegar, salt, soy sauce and sugar.

method: sauerkraut, mushroom and red pepper. Chop the coriander. Put tofu in a plate or bowl, add seasoning and shredded pickled cabbage, steam over medium heat for about 10 minutes, sprinkle with chopped coriander and serve.

spicy stinky tofu

materials: minced meat, stinky tofu (material a), mushrooms, shrimp (soaked and chopped), garlic, pepper, green onion (chopped), (seasoning), chili sauce, wine, sugar, water and soy sauce.

method: pour a little oil into pan, turn on medium heat, put ingredients a and minced meat into the pan and fry until fragrant, add stinky tofu, seasoning and water (cover the stinky tofu), cover the lid and boil until the stinky tofu is cooked and tastes good

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