Which people can’t eat Maca?

maybe many people are not very familiar with which people can’t eat Maca. There are many dietary taboos in our life that we need to pay attention to in order to effectively avoid unnecessary harm to our body. We must pay attention to these contents, Only in this way can we avoid risks more effectively. Let’s find out which people can’t eat Maca.

1. Infants and pregnant women can’t eat Maca, and thyroid patients can’t eat Maca, others can, when eating Maca, we should pay attention to choose high-quality Maca, such as heijingen Maca, and don’t buy inferior Maca, the darker the color of Maca, the better the quality, hope to adopt.

2. Maka is tonifying the kidney, so people with kidney yin deficiency and heat, or people with liver and kidney yin deficiency and internal heat, or high blood pressure, usually very irritable, sleep with feet outside the quilt, eat carefully.

what to pay attention to, this should be suitable for people, but generally speaking, because this is a warm tonic food, it should pay attention to the phenomenon of heat, It should be reduced or stopped in time; In addition, don’t eat too much raw, cold and diarrhea food to avoid counteracting the efficacy.

3.maca is a cruciferous plant originated in the Andes of Peru with a growth cycle of one year. Its leaves are oval and its rhizome is shaped like radish. It grows on the plateau of more than 4000 meters above sea level in the Andes of Peru in South America.

is the same. Maca is rich in amino acids and mineral zinc, which can regulate the level of neuroendocrine hormone; Taurine can promote the digestion and absorption of lipids and enhance myocardial contractility; Vitamin can maintain the normal vascular system of human body and ensure the smooth progress of metabolism. Therefore, Maca has the function of anti fatigue, enhancing muscle endurance and resisting sports fatigue. We do not recommend Maca for infants, minors, pregnant or lactating women and thyroid patients. Maca is a natural and healthy food. It has been used by humans for thousands of years, and there are no reports of adverse reactions after consumption. In 2001, NASA used Maca as a space food for astronauts. In 2002, Maca became a designated nutrient for athletes in the world cup between South Korea and Japan, In 2011, the Ministry of health officially introduced Maca into China as a new energy food.

we must pay great attention to which people can not eat Maca, in order to more effectively avoid eating Maca to bring unnecessary harm to our body, we must be careless about these contents, hope to help you, take some exercise methods to improve their physical quality as soon as possible.

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