White collar pressure mountain eat eight kinds of color food

many people will feel pressure mountain, how to relieve the pressure at this time? Xiaobian recommends several kinds of color food that can effectively relieve pressure. People with high pressure may as well eat more at the end of the year.

colorful food for relieving stress

1, pink

, these colors symbolize love and femininity. Pink dishes have a positive effect when people want to feel love and warmth and become gentle.

corresponding foods are peaches, rose wine and pork.

2, orange

orange is the most appetizing color, which can cheer people up when they are gloomy or worried.

the corresponding foods are citrus, mango, carrot and onion.

3, red

, which is a very strong and energetic color in emotion, can promote blood circulation, stimulate mood, give people a warm and festive, peaceful, sense of appetite. If you have this kind of color food on the table, you will unconsciously eat more, which is easy to lay a hidden danger for obesity. Of course, if you have a poor appetite, you can add some red food to your diet.

the corresponding foods are apple, beef, pig liver and cherry, etc.

4, yellow

, yellow can stimulate nerves and stimulate energy, help to concentrate and improve interest in learning, especially suitable for breakfast and lunch box color.

corresponding foods are potatoes, corn, bananas and egg yolks. The best way to increase appetite is the combination of red and yellow, which can make people feel very & quot; Friendly;, And can never forget.

5, green

, green represents bright, fresh and natural. Light green, scallion green and light green means fresh and light, which is conducive to stabilizing mood and reducing tension. When taken together with food of other colors, the effect will be doubled.

corresponding foods are spinach, avocado, cabbage and olive oil.

6, blue

blue can help you lose weight, blue represents quiet, calm, can produce a quiet effect. It’s rare to have blue natural food in nature, so when people lose weight, they might as well use the potential psychological hint of blue to make it a simple way to suppress appetite.

for example, you can try to decorate the kitchen in blue, or match it with some blue knives and forks, which will be very helpful for dieting.

7, white

, white has a strong energy to help stimulate creative or positive ideas. White food is rich in more than 10 nutrients, such as protein, which can maintain life and exercise after digestion and absorption by human body, but it often lacks the essential amino acids for human body. White food contains cellulose and some antioxidants, which can improve immune function, prevent ulcer and gastric cancer, and protect the heart.

corresponding foods are cabbage, white radish, tofu, milk, rice, flour and yogurt.

8, black

, black can protect body and mind, make people calm and confident. Black food is rich in natural melanin. Studies have shown that melanin has special functions such as scavenging free radicals, antioxidation, regulating blood lipid, beauty and skin care, warming and tonifying five internal organs and food therapy. In addition, black food contains more minerals, cellulose, protein, vitamins, especially iron than other foods. Black food is very common in life, if you eat it often, it has a better health function.

the corresponding foods are Sargassum fusiforme, seaweed, fungi, black sesame and buckwheat flour.

another 10 kinds of food can also relieve stress.

effective stress relief food

1, milk

, milk is rich in calcium, and calcium is a natural nerve stabilizer, can relax nervous tension, stable mood. In addition, scientists have also found a new protein in milk that can slow down pressure. This protein, casein hydrolysate, has sedative effect. When the human body is under pressure, this protein can effectively relieve pressure by reducing blood pressure and cortisol. A new study by researchers from a Canadian university has confirmed that probiotics can reduce behaviors associated with stress, anxiety and depression.

3, spinach

spinach is rich in magnesium, magnesium can calm the mood, can make people’s mind and body relax. When you start a new round of chat at a company party, you can use this mineral to relieve stress, stabilize your mood and keep you relatively relaxed. Magnesium deficiency can easily lead to fatigue and headache. A bowl of spinach can provide 40% of your daily magnesium intake. Next time you make sandwiches and salads, try spinach instead of cabbage.

4, tomato

when the pressure is big, eat more food rich in vitamin C, can receive the effect of psychological stress balance. The main sources of vitamin C are fresh vegetables and fruits, among which citrus fruits and tomatoes are the best. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, so eating them often can balance the psychological pressure.

5, citrus

, citrus is one of the best sources of vitamin C supply for human body. Like tomato, it has a good effect of balancing psychological pressure. In addition, the smell of citrus can also make people feel happy.

6, banana

banana contains a substance, can help the brain produce 5-hydroxytryptamine, promote people’s mood become peaceful, happy, and even can reduce pain, make the mood become happy and comfortable. When people are nervous, their blood pressure rises immediately. The potassium rich in banana can maintain the balance of electrolyte and acid-base metabolism, maintain the normal excitability of nerves and muscles, coordinate the function of myocardial contraction and relaxation, and is the key to reduce blood pressure, prevent muscle spasm, and protect blood vessels; Good medicine;. In addition, there is a certain relationship between stress and the lack of magnesium in the body. The large amount of magnesium in banana just has the effect of eliminating fatigue and relieving tension.

7, avocado

the mellow taste of avocado can meet your needs and reduce manic mood. In addition, monounsaturated fat, potassium can reduce blood pressure. According to a research institute report, one of the best ways to reduce hypertension is to take enough potassium. Half an avocado provides 487 mg of potassium, higher than a medium-sized banana.

8, whole wheat bread

whole wheat bread is rich in vitamin B group, can maintain the stability of the nervous system, increase energy metabolism, help to fight stress. And whole wheat bread is a complex carbohydrate, can slowly release energy, has a calming effect, make people relaxed, not nervous.

9, almond

when you are in a mess, grab a handful of American almonds first. Almond is rich in vitamin E, which can enhance immunity and improve immune system function. Almonds are also rich in vitamin B, which can help you cope with extremely bad events and help you through difficult days. Eating about a quarter of a cup of almonds a day is an effective way to reduce stress. Another good way to reduce stress is to throw away the traditional peanut butter and replace it with almond butter on high-pressure days.

10, black tea

scientific research found that black tea is conducive to soothing nerves. Black tea has the effect of reducing the secretion level of stress hormones. Drinking black tea every day is conducive to soothing nerves. In addition, black tea has the effect of refreshing and eliminating fatigue. When examinees feel too much psychological pressure, a cup of black tea will make you feel refreshed.

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