Who can’t drink milk before going to bed?

Who can’t drink milk before going to bed?

who can’t drink milk before going to bed?

urolithiasis is a frequent occurrence of urinary tract diseases, and the more refined food, the higher incidence rate of urolithiasis. Although we can not completely eliminate urinary calculi, we can control the occurrence of urinary calculi through diet regulation, especially don’t drink milk before going to bed, and eat less sweets.

after falling asleep, urine volume decreased and urine concentrated. Most of renal calculi are composed of calcium oxalate. The most dangerous factor for the formation of calculi is the sudden increase of calcium concentration in urine in a short time. Due to the high content of calcium in milk, 2-3 hours after drinking milk, it is the peak of calcium excretion through the kidney. If the urine is concentrated at this time, more calcium passes through the kidney, which is easy to form stones. Therefore, it’s better not to drink milk at this time, and not to eat foods with oxalic acid composition at the same time, such as spinach, grapes, cocoa, chocolate, etc. In addition, we should drink more water, 500 ml before going to bed and 200 ml after getting up to urinate. We should drink water several times every day to ensure that the urine volume is about 2500-3000 ml, which is good for the prevention of urinary calculi. Water containing too much impurity calcium salt should be purified and boiled before drinking. Sweet food is also a stone; Accomplice;, Because the main component of sweets is sugar, after taking too much sugar, the concentration of calcium ion in urine, oxalic acid and the acidity of urine will increase. The increase of urine acidity can make calcium urate and calcium oxalate easy to precipitate and promote the formation of stones.

in addition to limiting the intake of foods rich in oxalic acid, including beans, beets, celery, chocolate, grapes, green peppers, parsley, spinach, strawberries and cabbage vegetables, alcohol, caffeine, tea, chocolate, dried figs, mutton, stone nuts, green peppers, etc. should also be avoided.

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