Who can’t drink more rose tea

the effect of rose tea

1, relieve depression

traditional Chinese medicine believes that rose is mild, can regulate qi and activate blood circulation, soothe liver and relieve depression, and has the effect of sedation, pacification and anti depression. Women before or during menstruation often have some emotional irritability, drinking roses can play a regulatory role. In today’s increasingly stressful work and life, even if it’s not menstrual period, you can drink more roses to calm and stabilize your mood.

2, beauty

daily drinking rose tea can keep you young forever. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that whether the face is ruddy or not is closely related to the Qi and blood of the human body, and rose tea has the effect of promoting qi and activating blood circulation and harmonizing the viscera. Regular drinking can not only make the dark face ruddy gradually, but also improve some spots on the face. Therefore, friends with dim complexion or troubled by color spots can take 15 grams of roses a day to drink instead of tea during menstruation. Don’t throw away the soaked roses, mash them into paste, apply them on your face before going to bed, and wash them off with warm water after drying. Long term adherence can moisten skin, promote blood circulation, eliminate color spots and improve skin color.

3, chronic gastritis and hepatitis

rose tea is mild in nature, which can strengthen the spleen, reduce fire and blood stasis. It can treat cold pain in the abdomen, accumulate cold in the stomach, regulate blood gas, calm the nerves, relieve constipation, reduce fire gas, regulate blood gas, promote blood circulation, activate blood circulation, and ease emotions.

4, regulating menstruation and relieving pain

rose tea has the effect of promoting blood circulation, dispersing stasis, regulating menstruation and relieving pain. For those with severe dysmenorrhea, in addition to drinking rose tea, when dysmenorrhea attacks, you can also use 200 grams of fresh roses, decoct soup, concentrate into a paste, spread it on four layers of gauze, apply it to the navel while warm, fix it with adhesive tape, and change the dressing once a day. Because of the rose blood stasis, so the amount of menstruation is too much friends menstrual best not to drink rose tea.

who can’t drink more rose tea

1, constipation patients

rose tea has a good astringent effect, the so-called astringent effect is explained in traditional Chinese medicine; If you take off, you can disperse but not collect, so you can use sour and astringent medicine to restrain its dissipation;. Therefore, this kind of medicine has the function of stopping diarrhea and reducing defecation. Drinking rose tea for a short time can clean up the defecation without any big problem. For constipation, long-term drinking or drinking too much will lead to delayed excretion, resulting in poor stool, aggravating the disease.

2, women with excessive menstruation

many girls will choose to drink roses during their holidays, thinking that they can detoxify and relieve dysmenorrhea. Undeniably, for normal female friends, drinking rose tea can really calm the mood and regulate dysmenorrhea symptoms. However, if you have too much menstruation, you’d better give up this habit. Rose tea set has a good property of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and has a special effect in promoting blood circulation. Menstrual amount of women drink too much will be miserable ah, long-term drinking is more likely to lead to anemia.


rose tea belongs to warm flower drink. For those with excessive Yin deficiency fire and excess heat, it’s better not to drink less. Drinking too much can easily lead to the aggravation of Yin fire. Generally speaking, people with Yin deficiency and excessive heat all have the following symptoms: dizziness, dry mouth, dry throat, night sweats, seminal emission, red cheekbones, short yellow urine, dry stool, oral ulcer, insomnia and night sweats, tinnitus, etc. according to these symptoms, you can identify whether you have Yin deficiency and excessive heat. If not, drink rose tea again.

4, weak people

if you often have dizziness and weakness, easy to catch a cold, easy to get tired, lack of mental energy, indigestion and so on, facts have proved that your constitution is really poor. Then drink less rose tea, rose still has two brushes in promoting metabolism. Drinking too much will only make you more and more empty.

5 and

roses should be carefully used in pregnant women. Pregnant women should not choose rose drinks during pregnancy. The function of activating blood circulation is too powerful for the fetus to fight. In addition, in order to avoid the influence of pesticide content on the fetus, it’s better to drink less.

in short, all kinds of scented tea have their own strong health function. Choose a drink suitable for your own constitution to achieve the effect, which is called the right medicine. Don’t bother. Health is not a joke.

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