Who can’t eat mutton? Precautions for eating mutton

Who can’t eat mutton? Which people can’t eat mutton?

early cold can not eat mutton

early cold people should not eat mutton hot pot. Mutton is warm in nature and has a tonic effect. Take the patients in the early stage of cold as an example, eating mutton hot pot is not conducive to the spread of the disease, which will lead to the delay of the disease.

patients with heat constitution and inflammation should not eat mutton

some heat diseases such as phlegm fire damp heat and early stage of infectious diseases, edema, as well as those suffering from exogenous infection, tooth and furuncle, acne, hemorrhoids and other diseases should not eat mutton. Hypertension, liver Yang exuberant people should not eat mutton, otherwise easy to cause dizziness. Such as frequent erosion of the tongue, red eyes, bitter mouth, irritability, sore throat, swollen gums or diarrhea, or taking traditional Chinese medicine with Pinellia ternata and Acorus tatarinowii, mutton should not be eaten.

in short, people who are thinner, afraid of cold and weak are more suitable for eating mutton; People with hot constitution, such as obesity, hyperlipidemia and obesity with hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hyperuricemia, should limit their consumption. If suffering from acute inflammation, exogenous fever, fever, skin sores, boils and other diseases, also avoid eating mutton. For those who are healthy, thirsty, and have constipation, they should also eat less mutton to avoid damaging the body fluid due to heat.

patients with liver disease can not eat mutton

patients with liver disease should not eat mutton. For example, patients already suffering from hepatitis B can not eat mutton, because mutton is warm and sweet, excessive consumption may lead to aggravation of hepatitis. In addition, due to the rich protein content of mutton, a large amount of protein and fat intake will increase the burden on the liver, which may lead to disease.

gout patients can not eat mutton

suffering from gout, high uric acid, to eat less mutton hot pot, had better not eat. Because of the high content of purine in mutton hot pot, purine is absorbed by the human body and enters the blood circulation. After metabolism, it will produce too much uric acid, causing joint pain and other symptoms.

pregnant women can not eat a lot of mutton

pregnant women can eat a small amount of mutton. However, it should be noted that due to the warm nature of mutton, it can produce heat. Therefore, for pregnant women, although they can eat mutton, but also should not eat too much, in order to avoid heat injury Yin, cause discomfort. At the same time, pregnant women to eat mutton at the same time to pay attention to the appropriate drink more water, appropriate to eat more fruits, vegetables, balanced nutrition.

children can not eat a lot of mutton

children are pure Yang body, liver often more than, so it is not suitable to eat more. Mutton is warm and helps Yang. Children should be careful when eating mutton for tonic. Children’s constitution is particularly dry, so they are not suitable for tonic, and they should not eat mutton. If you eat it, you can taste one or two pieces. Whether it is stewed mutton or boiled mutton slices, mutton is more suitable for adults.

precautions for eating mutton

1. It’s better to cook mutton with light cooking formula in winter, so as to avoid excessive intake of hot gas in time, which may cause cold and heat imbalance.

2. Mutton is hot and contains more heat. Although it’s winter, it’s not suitable to eat more, especially for people with hot constitution, so as not to get angry.

3, mutton stew is the most nutritious. Mutton after stewing, more cooked rotten fresh, easy to digest, nourishing body effect is also better. Moreover, if you add appropriate Chinese medicine or nutritious food to stew, the nourishing effect will be greater, such as Angelica sinensis mutton soup, medlar mutton soup, Astragalus mutton soup, mutton radish soup, etc.

4. Mutton is warm and easy to get angry. Therefore, to eat mutton with cool and sweet vegetables, can play a cool, detoxification, to the role of fire. Cool vegetables generally include wax gourd, towel gourd, spinach, cabbage, Flammulina velutipes, mushroom, water bamboo, bamboo shoots, etc.

5. Mutton is very hot. It is sweet and warm in vinegar. It is similar to wine in nature. It is easy to cause fire and blood when two things are cooked together. Therefore, vinegar should not be added to mutton soup. Mutton is rich in protein, while tea contains more tannic acid. Drinking tea immediately after eating mutton will produce a substance called tannic acid protein, which is easy to cause constipation; If you eat with pumpkin, it is easy to cause jaundice and beriberi, such as

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