Who can’t eat pomegranate too much?

Who can’t eat pomegranate too much?

pomegranate is good, but can’t eat more

& lt; The content of vitamin C in pomegranate seed is 1-2 times higher than that in apple, while pomegranate peel has obvious functions of bacteriostasis, astringency and antidiarrhea& rdquo; According to experts from the First Affiliated Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine of Henan Province, who are famous veteran Chinese medicine doctors in China, traditional Chinese medicine believes that pomegranate has the effects of relieving thirst, diarrhea, hemostasis and tourniquet. Sweet pomegranate can prevent thirsty, killing insects and bacteriostasis, while sour pomegranate is very effective in preventing diarrhea; Eating pomegranate is best to chew it together, which can regulate gastrointestinal function and help digestion. People with constipation can relieve constipation, and people with diarrhea can stop diarrhea, with good effect& rdquo;

experts said that the hard pomegranate contains coarse fiber because of its hard seed, which stimulates the intestines greatly and is suitable for people with dry stools; The soft pomegranate seeds are more gentle and suitable for people with sparse stools.

however, pomegranate is good, but not too much to eat. In addition, pomegranate contains alkaloids, organic acids and so on. Eating too much pomegranate will not only make people feel tooth acid, but also may have a certain corrosive effect on the enamel of teeth. The pigment in the juice can dye the teeth black. Therefore, we must gargle or brush teeth in time after eating pomegranate.

ordinary people can eat one a day

two days ago, the doctor treated a patient with acute proctitis caused by eating pomegranate& ldquo; The patient ate six big pomegranates at one go the day before, and ate them with his son. Because pomegranate has astringent effect, the next morning after eating, he felt abdominal distension and anal distension, and always wanted to go to the toilet to defecate, but the amount was very small& rdquo; Doctors said that through the anal digital examination, found a large number of pomegranate seeds blocked in the patient’s rectum. Finally, after 20 minutes, the pomegranate in the rectum was gradually removed.

“ Generally speaking, ordinary people can eat a medium-sized pomegranate a day, while the elderly and people with weak gastrointestinal function can eat half a pomegranate a day& rdquo; Doctor reminds, suffer from acute pelvic inflammatory disease, urethritis, and cold need to avoid eating pomegranate; Patients with lung qi deficiency and lung diseases, such as lung flaccidity, silicosis, bronchial asthma, should also avoid eating more.

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