Who is not suitable for banana?

Who is not suitable for banana?

who is not suitable for banana?

seemingly approachable bananas, but not everyone is suitable for eating. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, banana is sweet and cold, with the characteristics of clearing heat, moistening intestines and detoxifying. Moderate consumption can help relieve constipation, hemorrhoids and other discomfort. However, for the following three groups, excessive consumption will do more harm than good.

group 1: menstruation

female friends should try to reduce the intake of cold bananas, pears, watermelons, oranges, kiwifruit and other fruits during physiological period, so as not to lead to poor blood circulation and affect menstrual discharge. In particular, those who are easily afraid of cold, cold hands and feet, and menstrual pain should avoid the above fruits.

group 2: stomach discomfort

banana is not only cold in nature, but also has the effect of moistening and smoothing intestines. Moderate consumption can help to improve constipation. Remind, such characteristics for their own weak stomach, easy diarrhea, or when people with gastroenteritis, but there is the possibility of aggravating the disease, should not be careless!

group 3: people with renal insufficiency

banana is rich in potassium ions, moderate consumption helps to regulate the body’s electrolyte balance. However, for patients with renal insufficiency, it is often more difficult for them to have renal filtration function and excrete potassium ions. If they ingest too much potassium ions carelessly, they may suffer from general weakness, heart failure and other symptoms! Therefore, the daily diet should avoid eating high potassium content of bananas, longan, coffee and other food, more secure.

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