Who is not suitable for ginger? The taboo of eating ginger is

Who is not suitable for ginger? Which people are not suitable for ginger?

hepatitis patients:

in general, hepatitis patients should avoid eating ginger, because often eating ginger will cause liver fire. If you want to control the liver fire caused by eating ginger, you can also choose some foods that can soothe the liver and regulate qi, such as making tea with hawthorn and chrysanthemum, so as to eliminate the dry heat caused by ginger.

people with severe internal heat:

people with lung heat dry cough, stomach heat vomiting, halitosis, hemorrhoids bleeding, sore ulceration and other internal heat diseases should not take ginger. If it must be eaten, it must be combined with cold food to neutralize the heat of ginger.

alopecia patients:

many people use ginger to treat alopecia. Indeed, ginger is warm and pungent. It can increase local blood circulation, stimulate hair follicle opening and promote hair regeneration. However, it should be noted that hair loss is a kind of febrile disease. Ginger will generate heat after a long time. Treating febrile diseases with febrile medicine is similar to the traditional Chinese medicine; Cold medicine for fever; Principles are conflicting, so use them as little as possible.

people with Yin deficiency constitution:

absolutely can’t eat ginger, because Yin deficiency is dry and hot constitution, which is manifested as fever of hands and feet, sweat of hands, love to drink water, often dry mouth, dry eyes, dry nose, dry skin, irritability, poor sleep, and ginger is pungent and warm. People with Yin deficiency who eat ginger will aggravate the symptoms of yin deficiency.

taboo of eating ginger

rotten ginger cannot be eaten: 6667

after ginger rots, it will produce a kind of highly toxic organic matter safrole, which can denaturate liver cells and induce cancer. Therefore, some people think that rotten ginger can be eaten; Rotten ginger doesn’t taste rotten;, It’s actually wrong.

is not more is better:

hot summer, people are prone to dry mouth, thirst, sore throat, sweating and other fever. Ginger is a hot food, too much ginger is easy to get angry, so & lt; Ginger in summer; Don’t eat too much.

try to eat ginger in the morning:

; Eating ginger at night is arsenic; However, traditional Chinese medicine believes that diet should be natural and human. During the day when Yang Qi is strong, you should be more active. Warm tonic drugs can help Yang Qi develop. You can take appropriate positive (warm) food, such as ginger. At night, when Yin Qi is gradually strong, Yang Qi will converge and can no longer be as excited as during the day. At this time, if you take too much warm food or supplements, it will affect sleep, affect the body’s anabolism, and is not conducive to the body’s self-repair after fatigue, which is harmful to the body. Therefore, it is usually best to eat ginger during the day or in the morning, but not at night.

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