Who is not suitable to eat mango

What people are not fit to eat mango

, what people are not suitable for eating mango

1, because mango high sugar content, so diabetic patients should avoid eating.

mango diuretic quench thirst, on the contrary, it shows that mango in wet. Diabetics eat mango and cause blood sugar to rise.

2. Patients with asthma should be careful to eat mango and follow the doctor’s advice.

in fact, not only traditional Chinese medicine has this advice, but also western medicine has included mango in the list of asthma contraindications. According to personal experience, even if there is no sensitive person, eating a few mangoes at a time will make you feel lost in real time.

3, mango leaves and mango juice can cause dermatitis in people with allergic constitution, so people with allergic constitution should pay attention to it.

if every time you eat mango, you only have swollen lips, red rashes and symptoms subside quickly, you can eat it again. If eating mango allergy symptoms are very obvious, and develop into systemic allergy, you should hurry to the hospital, later to resolutely bid farewell to mango.

4, deficiency cold cough (throat itching phlegm white) should avoid eating, so as not to make throat itching.

mango contains irritant substances, which can cause allergy if eaten by some people. If patients with cough eat mango, it may also cause cough or aggravate the disease.

5, nephritis patients. People allergic to rubber, cashew nuts, ivy, birch pollen, celery, carrot, banana, pineapple, papaya, etc. should be cautious about eating mango. Eating more mangoes can cause allergies, which can damage the kidneys.

6, mango with hygrotic, suffering from skin diseases or tumors, should avoid eating.

it may worsen the situation for people with wet constitution to eat moist food such as mango. Skin diseases such as eczema, sore and pus, gynecological diseases such as leucorrhea, internal diseases such as edema, beriberi, etc., are all called dampness in traditional Chinese medicine.

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