Who is suitable for eating litchi?

Who is suitable for eating litchi?

eating litchi is easy to get angry. Who is suitable for eating litchi?

folk saying & lt; Three fires for one litchi;, Many people are afraid of eating litchi.

in fact, it’s not the case. Traditional Chinese medicine has & lt; Yang in spring and summer, Yin in autumn and winter; This is because the temperature rises in spring and summer, and the Yang Qi between heaven and earth is relatively strong. At this time, nourishing yang qi can achieve twice the result with half the effort, which is the same reason as conducting day moxibustion in dog days.

although it is said that it can be eaten, it does not mean that all people can eat it because of the need & quot; Yang cultivation in spring and summer; Therefore, the people who are suitable for eating litchi should also be people with deficiency cold constitution. They are usually afraid of cold and like to be warm. They are easy to get cold and their limbs are not warm. In winter or in a cooler environment, they will have cold limbs, weak energy, fatigue, loss of appetite, clear and long urine, and their stools are not formed. In serious cases, they will be rotten or watery.

litchi is sweet and warm in taste. It enters the liver and spleen meridians and is most beneficial to the liver, spleen, essence and blood; Elite in the workplace; Eating fruit, because & lt; Elite in the workplace; Most of them eat irregularly, causing damage to the spleen and stomach. They think too much and work hard, resulting in lack of spirit, insomnia and dreams, panic and shortness of breath. Litchi can be used to replenish qi and blood.

in addition, litchi is female; It’s a good thing;. Women have the characteristics of menstrual pregnancy, easy to hurt the blood, so many women will show the performance of blood deficiency and liver cold, such as cold limbs, less menstruation, dysmenorrhea. Litchi enters the liver meridian to nourish the blood, warm nature to disperse cold and relieve pain, which has a good tonic effect on women’s deficiency of Qi and blood. Litchi can enter the spleen meridian, and also has a certain auxiliary effect on diarrhea caused by deficiency cold of spleen and stomach, especially for those with longer diarrhea time, diarrhea induced by cold, accompanied by light mouth and poor appetite.

people who are easy to get angry are not suitable for eating litchi, otherwise they are prone to gum swelling, sore mouth and other discomfort. If you really want to taste, you can soak it in light salt water and eat it in a small amount. However, children with excessive liver fire should eat less. Litchi contains a lot of sugar, which has a great effect on blood sugar.

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