Who is suitable for ginger

Which people are suitable for eating ginger

which people are suitable for eating ginger

patients with cold:

in summer, if you are out in the rain, or by the cold, come home and drink a bowl of hot ginger soup, the body will improve. Because ginger is warm and pungent, it can disperse cold and sweat, dredge the Qi blocked by the invasion of wind evil, so you can use ginger for cold, add some brown sugar and take it while it’s hot. In a short time, there will be a heat flow all over the body, and the wind cold in the body can often get rid of sweat. But if you take ginger for a cold, it’s like adding oil to the fire. Generally, ginger is not used to treat influenza, because traditional Chinese medicine believes that influenza should be treated with bitter cold herbs to clear away the plague and detoxify, while ginger does not have the nature of bitter cold.

cold constitution:

many people are usually afraid of cold, cold hands and feet, easy to diarrhea after eating cold food, even in summer also dare not open air conditioning. These people are suitable to eat ginger in summer, because ginger is warm and can be used to warm the cold.

outdoor operator:

in summer, especially in hot days, people often use air conditioning, iced drinks to relieve heat. In fact, the effect is counterproductive. Excessive consumption of iced drinks and excessive cold will not only damage the spleen and stomach, cause stomachache and diarrhea, but also cause sticky mouth, dry mouth, no sweat and hot summer. This is because the heat is more than the exterior, the spleen and stomach are empty, the cold and the stomach are broken, and the Yang Qi cannot be adducted. At this time, if you drink ginger herbal tea at normal temperature to warm the stomach and protect the Yang, the Yang Qi will be kept inside, and the summer heat will not float outside. Naturally, the human body will feel refreshed and comfortable. In summer, it is especially suitable for construction sites, steel-making enterprises, road workers, police on duty and other high-temperature work industries. However, those who had suffered from heatstroke could not take ginger.

“ Air conditioning disease; Patient:

in summer, people are greedy for the cool and spend a long time in offices, business rooms and other places with air conditioning on. Many people get cold because they don’t adapt to the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor. Some people’s shoulders and waist and back are vulnerable to wind, cold and dampness, causing joint pain, shoulder periarthritis and other diseases, or arm and leg discomfort. Lesbians also cause irregular menstruation, This is & lt; Air conditioner neck. Ginger is the most simple and effective treatment. Office workers can bring some shredded ginger before going to work and drink it in water. They can also cook brown sugar ginger soup at home. When cooking, put some scallion in it. Pay attention not to be too light or too thick. Just drink one bowl a day. Ginger is helpful to expel wind evil from the epidermis, while brown sugar has the functions of promoting blood circulation, removing stasis and regulating menstruation. People with severe symptoms can drink ginger soup as tea.

patients with stomach cold:

it is more appropriate to eat ginger for people who like to eat hot drinks, retch water and other symptoms. Especially in summer, people like to be cool and often eat cold drinks and fruits, causing cold invading the stomach and easily suffering from & lt; Refrigerator disease;. At this point in time to drink ginger syrup, help drive out the cold in the body. In summer, bacteria are very active in growth and reproduction. It is easy to pollute food and cause acute gastroenteritis. It can play a preventive and therapeutic role to eat ginger or drink it after brewing with tea and boiling water. It is found that ginger can play the role of some antibiotics, especially for Salmonella. Ginger can also kill oral and intestinal pathogens. Gargling with ginger water has a significant effect on halitosis and periodontitis. In addition, the hot summer climate will reduce the secretion of saliva and gastric juice, thus affecting people’s appetite; Ginger can also relieve or relieve stomachache. The symptoms of gastritis and gastroduodenal ulcer, such as pain, vomiting, pantothenia and hunger, can be quickly relieved by drinking 50 grams of ginger water.

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