Why do the old people have a smell of old people? How to remove the smell of old people?

after aging, the body is accompanied by wrinkles, diseases and & lt; Old people’s taste;. The smell of the elderly is a special smell for the elderly. Every time the elderly pass by, many people will cover their noses and look disgusted, which makes the elderly extremely embarrassed. So, how does the old taste come from? The smell on the old man’s body is strong. How to remove it? Let’s have a look with you.

The & lt; Old people’s taste & quot; What is it?

1. The aging changes of the skin of the elderly

. With the increase of age, it is very obvious in the skin. The skin of the elderly will become thin and wrinkled, the water content will decline, and a lot of senile spots will grow. At this time, it is easy to cause a lot of bacteria and microorganisms to breed in the skin. Moreover, the skin of the elderly has many wrinkles, which is also a place easy to hide filth. At this time, the growth of bacteria and accumulation of dirt, easy to send out some special smell on the surface of the skin.

therefore, the elderly do too many things in their daily life to make you appear ahead of time; Old people’s taste & quot;

1, do not love health

people to the middle and old age, the body began to aging, the body’s metabolism has become slow up, the skin is prone to wrinkles and dead skin, if you do not love health, the material produced by the skin and dead skin mixed, coupled with the decomposition of bacteria, it is easy to produce strange smell, and the less attention to health, the greater the smell.

therefore, after 50 years old, if you want to prevent the appearance of the smell of old people, you’d better keep good personal hygiene and remove the dirt and dead skin on your body, especially clean the hair, neck, behind the ear, armpit and other places that are easy to be dirty, so as to avoid peculiar smell after a long time. In addition, we should pay attention to keep the skin clean and dry at ordinary times. Clothes should be washed frequently, especially close fitting clothes, which are easy to be stained with odorous substances.

2, don’t pay attention to diet

many people will have a decline in digestive function when they are middle-aged and old. They can’t eat haisai without fear when they are young, and it’s better to eat less meat, eat more vegetables, and supplement enough dietary fiber, which is conducive to digestion, intestinal peristalsis and health, And can reduce the occurrence of halitosis to a certain extent.

3, don’t pay attention to oral hygiene

people are older, tooth health is relatively easy to have problems, tooth gap becomes larger, easy to leave food residue, and saliva may also appear secretion reduction phenomenon, these are easy to lead to the breeding of bacteria and food residue corruption, so that the mouth has a big smell, make people uncomfortable.

at this time, if we do not pay attention to oral hygiene, especially the cleaning of oral food residues, it is easier to lead to halitosis, and it is also easy to lead to dental and oral diseases.

, do not protect the kidney

* our kidneys are an important organ to maintain normal fluid environment in the body. When our kidneys are in trouble, the metabolic wastes in the body can not be discharged, so that the retention of metabolic waste in the body can make the body appear urine and Sao flavor, which is a manifestation of renal function decline.

, At ordinary times, we should pay attention to protect our kidneys, eat less high salt food, drink less drinks, hold less urine, and don’t eat kidney damaging drugs. Protecting our kidneys is good for maintaining the health of the internal environment and the health of the body.

5, don’t control blood sugar

if blood sugar is too high, don’t pay attention to control or control bad people, often make their body metabolism problems, so that the body fat and protein decomposition speed up, will produce ketone body, let the body emit a sour rotten apple taste.

high blood sugar will not only make the body smell rotten apples, but also damage our blood vessels, skin and nerves, which is easy to induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Therefore, we should pay more attention to control our blood sugar.

How to remove the smell of old people?

1, diet should be light,

elderly people should eat less spicy, stimulating food, quit smoking and drinking, diet should be light, it is recommended to eat more apples, oranges, walnuts, peanuts and other food with antioxidant effect, you can also eat some vitamin C in order to remove the body odor.

2. Pay attention to personal hygiene

. It’s best to take a bath every day in summer and at least once a week in winter. At night, you can soak your feet with warm water to reduce the bacteria on the skin of your feet. Clothes, bedding, pillows, sheets and other items should be washed and dried frequently to remove the odor. In addition, the elderly after eating food, it is best to brush their teeth and gargle, otherwise it is easy to form bad breath.

3, active treatment of disease

if suffering from senile vaginitis, periodontitis, prostatitis, gastrointestinal disease and other diseases, should actively seek the help of doctors, actively accept treatment as soon as possible, from the root to solve the old taste.

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