Why does the thermometer need to be shaken? Where does it start to measure?

has the following characteristics: A: why does the thermometer need to be shaken?

needs to be shaken by mercury thermometer. Because Mercury has a low specific heat capacity and is sensitive to temperature changes, the thermometer is designed. If there is no external force, the mercury column can only rise but not fall (because the ambient temperature is usually lower than the body temperature). When it is used again, the mercury column will fall back to its original position by throwing a few times. If not, unless your body temperature is higher than the last measurement result, otherwise you can’t measure this temperature. When using it again, it must be thrown down to make the mercury return to the glass bubble, so that the body temperature can be measured accurately.

before using the thermometer, you should check whether the mercury in it can & lt; Unite & quot;, If the original indicated temperature is high, shake it and use the centrifugal force to make the remaining mercury return to the head as far as possible. When the temperature is measured again, the mercury column can be connected as a whole, which is an operation mode of accurately using the mercury thermometer.

why can’t the thermometer drop down

1? Maybe the mercury column has dropped below the scale line, but you didn’t find it.

2. It’s not easy to swing by hand. Besides, it’s not correct. It leads to errors in body temperature measurement. Might as well wipe alcohol with mercury ball place, throw again.

3. If you can’t throw it off, it means it’s broken. Don’t throw it off. Maybe the thermometer is broken and useless.

What can we do if the thermometer can’t be dropped?

in the process of using mercury thermometer, this may happen: mercury thermometer can’t be dropped. It doesn’t happen very often. If it appears, you can do this:

1, wipe the end of the mercury column with alcohol, or soak the end of the mercury column with a small amount of alcohol and wait for 1 & mdash; In two minutes, the Mercury will drop to its normal position.

2. Put it in ice water or alcohol. After a while, Mercury will run down.

it should be noted that when holding the thermometer tube, it is better to hold the upper end of the glass side. In this way, there will be less error in measuring the body temperature. The thermometer should be & lt; Return to table & quot; Make the mercury that has been raised into the tube return to the vacuole; If you don’t drop the mercury back into the vacuole for a long time, the mercury is likely to condense, never go back, and it will be broken.

where does the thermometer start to measure

body temperature? Generally, it is above 35 ℃ when it is under the measurement. Before the measurement, the mercury column indicates below 35 ℃. Even if it is under the measurement, the disconnection can be connected when the mercury expands, so the standard of throwing is generally below 35 ℃.

tips : the mercury thermometer has a retraction port. The mercury liquid entering the indication area can’t return to the mercury gall without the action of external force. It doesn’t mean that the mercury thermometer should be thrown back below 35 degrees, as long as the temperature is lower than the actual temperature, so that the mercury thermometer can be used normally, If the actual temperature is lower than the mercury indicator and the mercury is not thrown back, the mercury thermometer will fail. Suppose the temperature of the human body is 38 degrees, just throw it to 38 degrees. If the body temperature is 37 degrees, it can be dropped below 37 degrees. If it is 39 degrees, it can be dropped below 39 degrees.

how to swing the thermometer

take the side opposite to the temperature measurement, that is, the side full of glass, don’t take it backwards, then you can’t go back even if you swing it for a hundred years. Then, wave your arm along with the situation, don’t use too much force, or your arm will hurt and you can’t throw it down. That’s the problem with the thermometer.

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