Why eating tastes more and more heavy

why eating tastes more and more heavy

1. The huge profits of selling drinks also make restaurants reluctant to put less oil and salt

according to a British survey, drinks account for 10% of people’s eating out expenses; 50%, many restaurant owners will ask the chef to put more salt in the dishes, so that customers can consume more wine. Second, the flavor of the food is weak, so we can only rely on seasoning. The survey shows that nowadays, compared with the past, vegetables, fruits and meats are tasteless. Chicken is not fresh, meat is not fragrant, and vegetables are not sweet, so we have to rely on a lot of condiments to improve the freshness; Unlike natural food, seasoning is not only sweet, salty, sour and spicy, but also can only relieve boredom by increasing taste. 2. Eating out too often. Before

, it was a luxury to eat out, but for many people now, restaurants have become & lt; The first canteen;. Although it saves the trouble of cooking, but & lt; Too greasy, too salty & quot; It’s a lot of people’s feeling. It’s all about & lt; A good cook is a handful of salt;, When it comes to & lt; Salt restriction of Sichuan cuisine; At that time, some chefs even said that they can’t cook dishes with less salt and oil, and even if they do, no one likes them. In the opinion of experts, cooking at home can pay less attention to salt and oil, but in restaurants it is the only one who has the final say.

three, high-tech condiments also can not escape the responsibility,

to the supermarket, a variety of fresh agents, condiments. Experts believe that even if the cooking skill is not high, with these can also make a good taste meal, but it just covers up the taste of the food itself. In fact, what people really need is the taste of the food itself, not the taste of these seasonings. Because the pace of modern life is very fast, the pressure is very big, and the tension caused by the pressure will make people’s taste become dull, and the taste buds are also degenerating. Many people will complain that there is no taste in the meal, so the pursuit of stimulating taste is inevitable, and the degree of stimulation is constantly upgrading.

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