Why not hungry, but always want to eat something? What’s wrong with this?

why are you not hungry, but you always want to eat something? Why can’t you stop eating a melon seed? How to control & lt; Hedonic hunger;?

I don’t know if there is such a group of people around you, Ta:

if you see food on the table, you will destroy them immediately;

just after eating, you can seamlessly open the refrigerator and add fruits, drinks and snacks;

see others eat late at night, had been lying in bed, can immediately get up to order takeout;

if you see other people eating, your mouth should not be idle;

once you eat a melon seed, you will eat up a bag at one go;

…& hellip;

in fact, they are not hungry, but they always want to eat something. So what’s wrong with this? Next, let’s have a look with you.

before we talk about this problem, let’s take a look at it first; Hunger;. In fact, there are two kinds of hunger: one is called steady-state hunger, and the other is called hedonic hunger.

“ Steady state starvation & quot; It’s easy to understand. It’s in the practical sense; Hungry;. When there is nothing in the stomach, it will contract. If you don’t eat at this time, it will cause mild dizziness, shivering and hypoglycemia. This hunger represents the body’s desire for energy and food.

and there is another kind of hunger in the body, namely & lt; Pleasure and hunger;, It’s when you don’t need to eat, because of your instinctive desire for food and taste stimulation; Pseudo hunger;. This pseudo hunger represents the human body’s desire for happiness and satisfaction. German expert Tobias middot; Tobias Hoch said: & lt; This kind of recreational behavior can happen to everyone. And long term & lsquo; Pleasure and hunger & quot; It is an important factor that causes the prevalence of overweight and obesity, and it is a threat to health& rdquo;

so why on earth; Hedonic hunger & quot; What about it?

at present, the most widely accepted theory is the tendency of human beings to delicious food.

due to the current

; Greedy & quot; Physically, the body really needs dopamine!

dopamine is a neurotransmitter, which can affect people’s emotions and feelings. The secretion of dopamine is related to eating, sleeping and having sex. If the concentration of dopamine in human body is too low, it may cause depression, obesity, fatigue syndrome, and even attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder. And if the dopamine level increases, it makes people feel happy.

due to long-term lack of sleep, high pressure, lack of exercise and other reasons, people’s body will spontaneously find ways to improve dopamine secretion, so eating is the most convenient and fast way.

in addition to & lt; I always want to have something to eat;, There will be another situation in life, which is called & lt; I can’t stop eating;.

, for example, if you open a bag of melon seeds, you will eat them all at once; Once you eat a piece of potato chips, you can’t help but put a second and a third piece into your mouth & hellip& hellip; Actually, I’m not hungry. I just can’t stop eating. What’s the matter?

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