Why should people drink more water?

water is colorless, invisible and tasteless, but we can not eat a day without drinking water. Water is the basic component of all organisms, whether animals, plants or people; Water is used to maintain the most basic life activities. People can have no food for several days and can’t have no water for one day. Therefore, the ancestors said that water is the source of life and one of the essential nutrients for human beings. Some people said that besides eating normally, why should we drink more water?

why people drink water and the importance of water to people

1. Water is the source of human life.

2. Water can transport nutrients to every cell of the body, and export waste to the lungs and kidneys for excretion.

3. Main components of blood, hormone carrying and antibacterial cells.

4. Water is the most important element in the body’s chemical reaction, digestion and metabolism.

5. Water acts as a cushion to protect the body’s cells and tissues and to lubricate joints.

6. It can replenish the body at any time.

7. Water helps improve constipation and maintain cell metabolism.

8. Water can regulate body temperature.

9. Please drink more water, at least 2000cc per day. Water is the mother of the earth and the king of all medicines.

10. If you want water to play its best role, it’s best to cooperate with sports.

water is not only the medium for absorbing and transporting nutrients, but also the carrier for excreting wastes. People complete the metabolic process through the circulation of water in the body. In this process, water also has the functions of human body heat dissipation, regulating body temperature, lubricating joints and internal organs, etc. it is very important to human life. If the water loss reaches 10% – 20%, it will endanger life. Therefore, it is not excessive to say that water is the source of life.

the daily intake of water in normal people’s diet and drinking water is about 2500 ml / day for adults. Generally, the amount of water intake should be balanced with the daily discharge of human body. For example, the average daily urine volume of adults is about 1500 ml, the skin and respiratory tract excretion is about 800 ml, and the feces are 100-200 ml, totaling about 2500 ml.

therefore, in addition to eating, normal people need to drink about 1500 ml of water every day, about 6-8 cups of water to meet the needs of human metabolism.

since water is so important to human beings, the quality of water that people intake every day is a crucial issue, which is directly related to human health. There are a lot of records at all times and in all over the world, whether it is “Changshou village”, or endemic diseases in some areas, the reason is related to the local drinking water, good water brings health, polluted water brings disease. Therefore, drinking healthy water, which is not only harmless but also beneficial to human health, is an urgent demand of people today.

so we still need to listen to professionals. Drinking more water every day can prevent some diseases, and drinking more water every day can also help us lose weight. Don’t believe it. Besides, we exercise every day, and we will certainly lose more water during exercise. If we add more water, we can make our body healthier, So pick up our little water cup and drink water together.

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